The Gift of Failure

By March 2, 2015 Blog

It’s funny how success is seen as the route to happiness.  In my experience, it’s the opposite.  Striving for something you can’t achieve – being (the most) beautiful (the most) entertaining (the most) intelligent the fittest the richest the thinnest the most popular – but always The Most – doesn’t make you happy; it makes you miserable – and grumpy, to boot. That’s the problem with success – it’s usually a competition.  “Good” doesn’t cut it -  you need to be Best. Which for 99.9999 per cent …Read More

Myth and Reality

By February 23, 2015 Blog

The myth of depression: I’m not sick, just lazy.  I am weak and sad and pathetic. This is all my fault. People would be better off without me.  I’m a burden and a waste of space.  I don’t feel like God’s there – so either He isn’t, or He doesn’t want me. I’m a terrible Christian and a terrible person. Nothing will ever change. No-one understands. The reality of depression: I have a sickness called depression. I feel weak and …Read More

40 Per Cent Living

By February 19, 2015 Blog
part time

Is all of the Bible really for me? Some days, (especially when I’m stressed), it feels more like 40 per cent. 40 per cent that’s practical and real, a direct line between what God says and what Emma needs to do. 40 per cent that’s appropriate to daily life; the grocery shop and feeding the cats. 40 per cent that works in 21st century Eastbourne, not 1st century Palestine. 40 per cent that’s for a justgettingthrough believer, not a solid-gold saint. What makes up the …Read More

Not Just A Head Truth

By February 16, 2015 Blog

What makes you you? Perhaps it’s something obvious.  A physical stamp, like the lettering that runs through  a stick of rock. A shock of flame-red hair. A birth-mark. The way you tilt your head.  Your laugh. Your funny, loping walk. Maybe it’s something hidden.  Something the cashier at the supermarket can’t spot, and even close friends might miss.  An event in your past. Or words that have lodged, deep below your skin. “You’re special.”  “You’re a disappointment.” “You’re fat or useless …Read More

Choose Your Own Adventure – or Live Out His

By February 10, 2015 Blog

If, like me, you’re a child of the 80′s, you may remember the literary phenomenon that was “choose your own adventure.” If not, here’s an introduction: “You and your trusty dog, Marzipan, have travelled to the planet Zorg.  Your spaceship has landed in a large crater.  To the north is a field filled with a strange green gas.  To the south is a cave, marked with a large ‘Keep Off’ sign. To the east is a castle guarded by giant monkeys. If …Read More

Real Love?

By February 2, 2015 Blog
real love

My marriage is in trouble. I know we’ve had our wobbles in the past.  But this week, I realised that the situation is far worse than I’d imagined. This week, I read an article entitled, “Love – How to know it’s the Real Deal”. And – if what it says is true – then Glen and I don’t love each other. And maybe we never did. Exhibit 1: “The moment we met, I knew. I saw him and tingled from head to …Read More

Worth It

By January 26, 2015 Blog

“Horrific.” “Excruciating.” “Unbelievable.” “Horrendous.” “Total exhaustion.” “I didn’t think I could go on.” “Why did no-one tell me?”   These were the descriptions of child-birth at our ante-natal class reunion last Saturday. The scars, of all kinds, were still very fresh and one horror story  quickly snowballed into the next. Our teacher said, “I didn’t tell you about the more gory details, because sometimes you can know too much. And for lots of people it’s a really beautiful experience.” There was murder in her …Read More

Bleeding Love

By January 20, 2015 Blog
baby feet

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, a learning curve, a journey and a million other cliches that try – and fail to capture the reality. Nappies, stitches and sleepless nights, I was prepared for.  What I hadn’t anticipated was the heart surgery. The fierce and painful emotion that courses, hot, through every vein. Love, I suppose.  But not like I love my cats or I love books or I love mashed potatoes. Something else – primitive and frightening.  I’d die …Read More

Happy New Year!

By December 31, 2014 Blog

Hello folks, Thanks so much for reading this year – and for your prayers, wisdom and support.  They’ve been a lifeline: and it’s a privilege to be part of such a loving and diverse community. So, as the new year rolls around, whatever 2015 holds, we’re in it together…and thank God, we have a beautiful Saviour who goes ahead of us, carries us and lights the way. I’m heading off now for some holiday/maternity leave – so there’ll be no …Read More

New Year, New You?

By December 29, 2014 Blog
head in sand

Made any NY resolutions?  Here’s some reasons I’m not a huge fan: 1. It’s January.  The worst possible month to set yourself new challenges.  Focus instead on breathing, staying warm and digestion.  If you really must, then December 28 is an excellent day for Life Change - and – goodness me, it’s a whole year away. 2. You don’t need a guilt-inducing list or a chorus of Auld Lang Sang to make change possible.  You’ve got the Holy Spirit, which means that every day a new …Read More