Helpless Helpers

By May 23, 2016 Blog

When I give my testimony, I sometimes talk to people afterwards.  The number one question I’m asked is this: How do I help my loved one give up an addiction? Every fibre of me wants to say, “here; here’s the answer.  Here’s what helps me; here’s what will help you.” But I can’t.  Because I don’t have one. For one thing, I’m far from the finished product.  I speak out of weakness, not as someone with answers, but someone who’s taking her questions …Read More

Growing Grown-Ups

By May 11, 2016 Blog

We were speaking in Birmingham over the weekend.  During the q and as, one question kept coming up.  How do we protect our children from  depression, self-hatred and anxiety?  How can we raise them to be strong, but weak in all the right ways? I wish I knew the answer.   So I asked some friends. Here’s some of their wisdom – and please share yours. don’t try and be perfect.  Kids don’t need perfect parents (and trying will kill us), but they …Read More

Shameless Plug

By May 2, 2016 Blog

I’ve written a wee booklet about eating disorders, published by the folks at Day One. Here’s the blurb: More than 1.6 million people in the UK suffer from diagnosed or undiagnosed eating disorders – and 14-25 year olds are most affected. What does the Bible say about this issue? If we’re struggling ourselves, how can we move forward? If we’re caring for others, how can we help? In this short booklet aimed at both sufferers and carers, Emma Scrivener looks at …Read More

Caught in a Cult

By April 25, 2016 Blog

About fourteen years ago I was involved in a cult. I didn’t realise it. It felt like the truth. And it felt lovely – until I tried to leave. I’d moved to London and was just getting settled.  One day, a girl of about my age approached me on the tube. She was warm and friendly and we chatted about life.  “I’m a Christian,” she said.  I smiled, “me too!” She asked about the church I was going to, and talked about hers. …Read More

Seeing Through The Sneers

By April 18, 2016 Blog

I’m tired of cynicism. Propping up the bar, all dark and self-conscious. You’re cool mate, but you’re miserable too. Standing back and passing judgement. Stamping on Shrugging at other people’s parades. Sneering, ‘it’ll never work. The world’s not like that.” Refusing to ever see the good. Well, forget it. It’s been fun…well – interesting, while it lasted.  But I’ve met someone new. Someone you know. Hope.  Yeah, her. The one we used to laugh at. “Unfashionable and embarrassing,” we said. …Read More

A Prayer for Monday

By April 10, 2016 Blog
good morn blues

Dear God It’s the start of a new week. And I don’t know how to do it. I feel scattered; pushed and pulled in many different directions. I take my eyes off you and suddenly, I’m stuck. I’m frightened by the decisions that need to be made; and ones that are out of my hands. by the things I can’t see.  And the demands I can’t meet. I’m overwhelmed By lists and by longings. By pain and by pride. It’s dark in here. I build walls to keep myself …Read More

Welcoming An Adopted Child: Guest Post

By April 5, 2016 Blog

Today’s guest post is from Jane, who is married with three children. Hannah (7) and Ben (5) are her birth children and she has recently adopted Star (4) who has Down’s Syndrome. Here’s her advice on helping birth siblings welcome a new arrival… 1. Involve birth children in the adoption conversation early We first discussed adoption with our birth children approximately two years before Star arrived. In fact we talked to them before we spoke to anyone else. At that …Read More

A Little Child Shall Lead Them: Guest Post

By March 28, 2016 Blog

An incredible testimony from a guest and friend:   “Heather was born on the 7th January,1992. She was our first child. A text book pregnancy; uneventful delivery. 6lbs 9oz of perfection. Not that we were biased  of course. She was a happy baby, always smiling and laughing. No signs that anything was amiss.   At 10 months old that all changed. She had 3 febrile fits and ended up in hospital for 5 days. During this time she cried and screamed inconsolably. “What’s wrong?” …Read More

What It’s All About

By March 26, 2016 Blog

This is my beautiful niece Lauren, explaining Easter: x Share…

What’s Your Story?

By March 23, 2016 Blog

40acts is a generosity challenge for Lent. Each year the charity Stewardship ask people to take a daily challenge: 40 ways of giving back (instead of just giving up!) I’ve written today’s today’s blog on the theme of “testify” (and the next blog post will be an incredible example!) You can read the post and find out more here   x         Share…