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Here are some reviews/articles/talks and places I’ve spoken.  I’ll try to keep it updated…


Call for the Church to address body dissatisfaction among women – IDEA (EAUK) – 31/5/12

Editorial: The Power of Prose – Belfast Telegraph – 18/6/12

Eating Disorder Care in Northern Ireland Falls Behind Rest of UK – Belfast Telegraph – 18/6/12

A Real Faith Helped Me Fight My Food Demons – Church of England Newspaper – 21/6/12

Anorexia: The Good Girl’s Drug – Woman Alive – August 2012

Youthworks: Eating Disorders – Youthworks – August 2012

Too Much Too Young – Families First – August 2012

Good Book Company series of posts – September 2012

Bible Reflections interview – November/Dec 2012

Momentum: Threads Testimony – August 2012

What Does Jesus Say About Eating Disorders? – Bible Reflections – Dec 2012

UCB Radio Interview – Dec 2012

4Thought – 23/3/13

Mindandsoul – Premier website (couple of posts on EDs/recovery)

A New Name – Christian Medical Fellowship – Sept 2013

Premier Gospel Radio – March 2014

Magnet Magazine – February 2015

Radio 4 – (March 2014)

Songs of Praise – feature on my story, (Oct 2015)

Radio 4 Sunday Worship – my testimony, (August 2016)


Speaking platforms (seminars and talks) include:

Presbyterian Women’s Convention (Belfast) – main speaker (Jan 2015)

Christian Medical Fellowship (various events, last one in September 2015)

Women’s Convention, (London)

New Day

Word Alive

Spring Harvest


Christian Resources Exhibition

Bible by the Beach

New Horizons

Keswick (Summer 2016)

L’Abri (England)

Various church/university/mission events


Reviews of A New Name

Mark Meynell: Anorexia is Bigger Than Biology – 19/7/12

Anita Mathias – 17/7/12

Ruth Field – 26/7/12

Kath Cunningham – 26/7/12

Admiral Creedy – 30/7/12

Emily Paterson – 15/8/12

 Matthew Currey – 26/8/12

Steve Jeffery – 29/8/12

The Vicar’s Wife – 11/9/12

Good Book Company – 14/9/12

Peter Mead – 14/9/12

The Grove is On Fire – 18/9/12

Andy Johnson (Theology Matters) – 23/5/13

Walking Worthy – 07/13

Triple Helix (Christian Medical Fellowship) – Summer 2013

Jonathan Guy – March 2015


Reviews of What Does the Bible Really Say About Eating Disorders?

Evangelicals Now – Nov 2016

“This little booklet is a compassionate, biblically sound and practical look at Eating Disorders (EDs) written by someone who has struggled herself. If you have an ED or want to help someone who does, this booklet will certainly leave you more informed.

The booklet starts with a biblical look at EDs, showing how hunger is deeper than a need for food and that only God can satisfy our deepest hungers. The writer shows that the root of an ED is common to all mankind. We may not all have an ED, but we all hunger for that which does not truly satisfy. Next, a description of different eating disorders is given, including an explanation of what goes on in a person’s mind with an ED. The rest of the booklet offers gospel-centered answers as well as practical advice. Each chapter has a key point and accompanying Scriptures for study.
The booklet was a refreshing, quick read on a complex, delicate topic and thus a great resource for those with EDs or their friends. Even though it is aimed at Christians, I think it would be great to give to non-Christians too, as it sensitively offers them the only true solution to all disorders: the Bread of Life himself.

Presbyterian Herald – July/Aug 2016:

“This booklet is one of a series produced on what the Bible really says about subjects like depression, social media and the importance of Sundays.

Having read Emma Scrivener’s book, A New Name, about her own experiences of suffering with anorexia, I did wonder if this would be a condensed version of the same. How wrong I was. While this book has also been written in a style which communicates grace and love throughout, it does exactly what it says on the tin, that is, it lays out all that the Bible has to say on the subject of eating disorders. It has been written with both sufferers and carers in mind.

Emma beautifully weaves relevant Scripture into each chapter and suggests further reading from the Bible at the end of every chapter. She also reinforces the key points at the end of each chapter. I was particularly impacted by Emma’s key point in chapter one, having focused on Genesis and the Fall, she writes, “God gave us good hungers so we would turn to Him, but since the Fall our appetites have become distorted.”

This booklet is an extremely insightful and helpful read – it is good to be aware of the signs of eating disorders and to know how to speak wisely and pastorally into these situations. The book concludes with some practical advice and encouragement on self-care.” (Lisa Skinner)

DayOne website


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