Would I Lie To You?

By August 3, 2012 Blog

I’m realising how often I lie. Like, all the time.   Not big lies, obviously.  Little, grey ones. Fibs. They’re okay, aren’t they? Just a little truth stretching.  Taking the imagination for a wee dander.   What do I mean? “I spent four hours sourcing the right ingredients”. (Six minutes. In Asda. Eight if you include the check-out). “I’ve had these for years” (I bought them yesterday. I know we can’t afford them and I’m too ashamed to tell you) “I’m …Read More

The Fight

By May 10, 2012 Blog

Despair should be a scary emotion. An intruder: rattling like a cold wind through the mental living room, upsetting the furniture and knocking over the lamps.  But instead of showing it the door, I sometimes invite it in. I create space for it at the table and even seek it out. It’s a shadow – but it’s familiar and reassuring too. What’s really scary is not despair.  It’s actually Hope. With despair, you think you know what you’re getting.   …Read More

Trial and Error

By October 9, 2011 Blog

Never judge a book by its cover.  My granny taught me that when I was small.  But Jesus takes it even further.  Jesus says, ‘don’t judge’.  Period. Well, luckily for me, this isn’t one of my struggles. I’m not a judgemental person.  Seriously – it’s another one of those sins that’s passed me by.  I would never dismiss someone based on how they looked. That would be like,  totally wrong.   Just as well  I’m such an  excellent guage of character.   I’m telling you – just a few minutes with …Read More

Funny How..

By May 15, 2011 Blog

.. even in our churches, it is  ok to say some things but not others.. I’ve had such a stressful day I finished a bottle of wine on my own = okay I’ve been drinking a lot recently and don’t know how to stop = not My husband never listens to a word I say. I think he’s on another planet = okay I don’t know how to talk to my wife anymore. We share the same house but we …Read More

What’s Your Net Worth?

By April 4, 2011 Blog

Where do we get our values?  Who or what tells us that we’re ok, that we ‘fit’? And when it comes to the crunch, whose opinions really matter? We might think we’ve left peer pressure behind with the classroom, but perhaps we’re just older versions of the same sheep.  In fact, maybe the ‘herd mentality’ has an even stronger influence in a culture where we’re inescapably plugged into each other’s lives. From what we wear, to our favourite bands and …Read More