The Ultimate Royal Wedding

By March 31, 2011 Blog, teaching

Here’s the second of two talks I gave at the weekend. Yesterday we were thinking a little about the story of Alice.  We left her as a beggar, full of self-hatred and pain and loneliness and fear.  And in a moment we’ll see where her story – and our stories can end. We thought about our own stories and our own struggles – with how we look and feel and who we are.  The ways that other people have hurt …Read More

Crushed For Us

By March 30, 2011 Blog, identity, teaching

Thanks for prayers for the weekend – it’s good to be back! Here’s one of the talks I gave. This weekend we’ve been thinking about how what we see in ourselves and what God sees in us, can be completely different – like two pieces of a jigsaw that won’t fit.  This evening, you’ve been hearing a bit about what that looks like in my story. You may feel like you don’t know who you are, that you’re scared or …Read More

Offline for the weekend

By March 25, 2011 Blog

This weekend I’m helping at a conference for teenage girls.  I’ll be telling my story and speaking about the redemption Jesus offers.  There’ll be lots of time to think about the gospel and our image and identity and food and body and particular girl struggles. Please pray that those who don’t know Jesus yet would meet Him.  That we would all be set free from lies to see the wonder of Christ.  And that I’d have energy for the conference …Read More

Listen without Prejudice

By March 23, 2011 Blog

One of my friends, Angie, spent most of her teenage years almost bed-bound with the condition now recognised as ME – or Myalgic encephalomyelitis, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Another good friend has been recently diagnosed with the illness and has had to change her whole life in order to be able to cope with the most basic of tasks. Even today, not that much is known about ME, but when Angie was growing up, it was almost …Read More

What Men Want

By March 22, 2011 Blog

It’s Glen here.  I’ve wrested the keyboard from Emma for this one. Recently I’ve heard of worrying numbers of Christian women speaking furtively, fleetingly, but no less seriously about plastic surgery – botox, lipo, boob jobs, face lifts. Let me speak on behalf of 3 billion members of the human race.  Stop.  Cease.  Desist.   And not because blokes don’t care about physical attraction.  Of course we do.  Stop because you’re fueling the ugliest thing in the world – insecurity. And …Read More

Rebuilding the Ruins

By March 21, 2011 Blog

I’ve been very struck by the Japanese response to the unimaginable horrors of the past few days.  This reaction may in part be that of a nation in shock – but it has demonstrated a depth of character and bravery which, from a Western perspective, is bewildering and inspiring. How can we understand such stoicism? John Nelson, a cultural anthropologist, comments that, In  Japanese culture, there’s a sort of nobility in suffering with a stiff upper lip, in mustering the …Read More

Hot or Not?

By March 20, 2011 Blog

It’s almost enough to make you cancel your subscription to Vanity Fair. Not only do attractive people get the best partners and shoes,  they’re also given the biggest breaks. Surveys by Castelloe, Wuensch and Moore (1991) and Downs and Lyons (1990) found that better looking people get preferential treatment in court, shorter sentences and shorter fines. A study of damages awarded in a staged negligence trial (Kulker and Kessler, 1978), found that when the victim was better-looking than the defendant, …Read More

Had Enough?

By March 18, 2011 Blog

As you can see from the title of the blog, my understanding is that names can be very important. My own name, Emma, means ‘universal’ or ‘of the universe’, which I’ve always considered to be fairly rubbish. No offense to the universe, but isn’t that a polite way of saying ‘common’? Saying this, it could be worse. ‘Glen’ means ‘ditch’. I was thrilled when a friend told me recently that Emma can also be translated as ‘whole’.  Given the amount …Read More

Emotional Blackmail

By March 17, 2011 Blog

Back in the days when he still had a career, Mel Gibson made a film called ‘Ransom’.  In it, he played the role of a dad who was blackmailed to secure the return of his kidnapped daughter.  Now, ‘Mad’ Mel being no ordinary man, he refuses to play ball.  Everyone around him questions this, arguing that the safest thing to do is precisely what the bad guys want.  It’s certainly the easiest option.  But actually, in this case, Mel’s got …Read More

She Says, He Says

By March 16, 2011 Blog, identity

Following on from yesterday’s post, Glen’s written his own ‘how I react to nagging’. It’s like Oprah in the Scrivener household, let me tell you.  FEEL THE LOVE. Here’s what he says; Emma’s posted up 22 reasons she nags.  Twenty two!  She must suppress her urges a lot because that’s not how I experience things.  (Hmmmmm – Ed). But given that she might not be alone in harbouring such urges, and given that men are responsible for birthing and exacerbating many …Read More