Why I Nag

By March 15, 2011 Blog

1. I want to be in control. Of my circumstances, my fears, my life. I’m not. So to counteract this, it is very important that I ‘manage’ my surroundings and those in my immediate sphere of influence – primarily my husband. I can even tell myself it’s for his own good. This looks and sounds like nagging. 2. I don’t feel safe. So I need (want) you to help me ‘fix’ it. Maybe my mind feels scattered or I’m struggling …Read More

7 Ways To Create A Drug Epidemic

By March 14, 2011 Blog

I’m reading an interesting book on drugs – and our differing attitudes to say, the ‘crazed’ heroin addict, as compared to the ‘harmless’ boozer. What’s also striking are the ways in which we can conspire to create a climate of addiction. In ‘Matters of Substance’, Griffith Edwards lists ‘seven ways to create a drug epidemic’.  These are as follows; 1.Place the target population under severe strain.  Aim to damage family and social relationships, create a gulf between rich and poor, …Read More

‘Psychiatry With A Scalpel’

By March 13, 2011 Blog

Out with friends a few days ago, we were playing  the ‘what would you buy if you won the lottery?’ game.  (The fact that I don’t buy a ticket detracts not a jot from my outrage at never having won). I’ve rehearsed this scenario with friends in varying forms since I was little, but whilst the premise may be unchanged, our ambitions are now slightly different.  From ‘Dress Your Own Barbie’ to the heady world of plastic surgery, these days …Read More

Crazy Ladies?

By March 11, 2011 Blog, identity

Here’s a question. Are women victims of their biology? And do certain events in a woman’s life such as childbirth or menopause, predispose us to mental health disorders? Cards on the table, I’m not sure I go with this one.  Absolutely, hormones and stressful events can trigger all kinds of physical and mental problems.  But don’t major life experiences also affect men? (Or is ‘Tiger blood’ Sheen a glorious figment of my imagination?) Gender differences may predispose us to certain …Read More

Sickness, Madness and Burnout

By March 10, 2011 Blog

You may have heard of Charles and Mary Lamb, who were siblings as well as the authors of the literary classic, ‘Tales of Shakespeare’.  What you may not know, is that, in 1796, aged 31, Mary murdered her mother and stabbed her father. What enabled Mary to keep writing and out of prison, was her brother’s intervention and care, as well as an enlightened diagnosis of sickness/ madness, rather than just ‘badness’. Lisa Appighanesi explores this in her book, ‘Mad, …Read More

Fear of Vomiting: ‘I’d rather be dead’

By March 9, 2011 Blog

Fear of vomiting. Or ‘Emetophobia’, if you want the technical term. You may never have heard of it, but get this – it’s one of the top five phobias. Let’s start with what it’s not. It’s not something trivial.  Nor is it ‘not really liking’ throwing up.  (As if anyone enjoys it). Instead, this is a fear of throwing up  that can leave sufferers being desperate and even suicidal. It is – Embarrassing.  Frightening.  Little understood. And sometimes serious. Here’s …Read More

Is Modern Life Rubbish?

By March 8, 2011 Blog

Are people getting worse, rather than better?  By which I mean, were my grandparent’s generation actually nicer people and part of a better society? Or does it just seem that way? The question has been prompted in part by my avid consumption of The Daily Mail, the paper which divides the world into ‘good ordinary people like us’ and ‘nasty criminal donkey-eating coke fiends like them’.  (As an aside, wouldn’t you love to deserve the moniker of ‘love rat’? I’m …Read More


By March 7, 2011 Blog

Thai Airways has demanded that cabin crew slim down or ship out. Staff have six months to hit their target waist measurements (32in for women, 35in for men) and BMI (25 for women, 27.5 for men). But wait – it’s not what you think.  As Teerapol Chotechanapibal, the carrier’s customer services VP explains, this not about body fascism at all. Here comes the science.. Teerapol has confounded his critics by explaining the measure thus.  It’s actually a foolproof way of ‘improving the …Read More

More Reasons for Recovery

By March 6, 2011 Blog

The biggest reason for giving up on an eating disorder is because you’re loved, accepted and bought by the Lord of the universe. Whatever those voices tell you, the truth is this: it’s not too late you’re not too sick other people (and God Himself) care it’s worth it you’re not a burden or a waste of space and there ain’t no part of your past that God can’t use. There’s nothing more important – or more hopeful. Check out …Read More

Posh Girls Don’t Get Fat

By March 5, 2011 Blog

Is weight a ‘class’ issue? Put bluntly, do those in a lower-income bracket tend to get fat, whilst middle and upper-class people tend to starve? I say tend, because of course this is a gross generalisation.  Eating disorders are increasingly a problem across the socio-economic spectrum and are certainly no longer confined to the white middle-class teenage girl, (if they ever were). But generalisations sometimes have a bit of truth. A 1989 review found that in developed countries women of …Read More