What’s For Breakfast?

By September 30, 2011 Blog

Words are important aren’t they? But so much is determined by who speaks them.  If my friend says she likes my outfit, I’ll head out with a kick in my step and head held high. If my dad does, I’ll get changed. Mornings are a case in point. Most days I wake up with crocodile breath and a crocodile attitude.  Scaly and knobbly with hard beady eyes and  bared teeth.  The day’s already lasted too long and where’s the breakfast fairy with my …Read More

Reasons to be Thankful

By September 29, 2011 Blog

I’m thankful that there are so many books in the world and they let me have a peek into other cultures and lives and get into the heads of people who don’t think like me and people who do.  That the Bible was translated into English. the seasons are changing.  The way the view keeps changing even though it stays the same for my family and my friends.  For my husband. For relationships and being allowed to get to know …Read More

Jesus Doesn’t Need You For A Sunbeam (Or Anything Else)

By September 28, 2011 Blog

‘Ministry’  is a somewhat loaded term. What exactly is it? Where does it start and end? Our pews are filled with people. Often people with problems. There’s always more you could ( and should?) be doing. Especially if you’re a natural carer and thrive on feeling wanted. We hate seeing others in pain and know in our heads that we aren’t the answer. But self-worth quickly becomes entwined with self-giving. We make ourselves indispensable. Instead of pointing other to Jesus, …Read More

Gospel Plus?

By September 27, 2011 Blog

What a week.  The shipwreck was bad enough, without getting another missive about those pesky Galatians.  Honestly. Give ‘em an inch and they’ll take a mile.  Always the same. You set up a church, pour your heart and soul into giving them sound teaching and gospel basics.  Grace my friends, it’s all about grace.  ‘Yes’, they chorus, ‘Absolutely.  Don’t worry about us Paul – we’ll be juust fine. Now, off you poddle – to another church that really needs you.  …Read More

Run Fatboy Run

By September 26, 2011 Blog

When it comes to girls and their weight, most of us consider this a pretty sensitive area. Even parents, (traditionally the custodians of Ego Management) are learning to tiptoe round their teenage daughters. In years gone by, the query ‘does my bum look big in this?’ would have provoked howls of derision and jokes about solar eclipses. Now however, even dads are on best behaviour. ‘Bum – what bum? You’re beautiful honey’. Well – at least on the sitcoms. But …Read More

To The Quiet Time..and Beyond!

By September 25, 2011 Blog

What helps you love Jesus more? Hopefully, you’re different. But by nature, I’m a glorious combo of self-reliance and laziness. I expect that I’ll drift naturally into a closer relationship with the Lord. That if He doesn’t speak through that two-minute quiet time, then He’s obviously got nothing to say. Now’s your chance Lord – in between the coffee and Weetabix and – oops is that the time? Be right back.. This isn’t a paean to The Quiet Time either. …Read More

Controlling Women

By September 24, 2011 Blog, identity

(First of all, sorry if posts are still a bit erratic – I think my computer’s on its way out, but we’ll see what happens..) I’m one of life’s micro-managers.  No question about it.  When Glen and I did the Star Wars personality test, he came out as Princess Leia and I was the Emporer.  Neither of us were happy. This is one of the areas I struggle with most.  I’m controlling full-stop.  But in a marriage it just doesn’t …Read More

Service will resume shortly

By September 23, 2011 Blog

Having wrestled with my ticksy computer all week, I may just have the upper hand.  Stay tuned this weekend for a resumed service. Hopefully. Share…FacebookTwitterTumblrPinterestStumbleUponDiggemail

Why Sadness Can Be Good

By September 21, 2011 Blog

Is sadness necessarily a bad thing? I’m not talking about depression, which can make normal functioning impossible.  I mean the natural human sense of feeling bad – often in reaction to life circumstances. Sometimes sadness is something we’re taught to fear and  fix – when instead, it’s a reminder that we’re actually alive, a pointer to areas that need a bit of attention and a normal part of mortal experience. This theory is supported by Joe Forgas, a psychology professor …Read More

Dealing with Difference

By September 19, 2011 Blog

We live in a society that claims to enshrine tolerance.  But what does this actually mean? Yesterday I went for lunch with a group of fascinating people.  One of them was a concentration camp survivor.  At the age of nine, weighing less than two stone, she was liberated from the camp. Needless to say, her whole life since then has been a process of recovery.  But one of the things that she says helped her most, was going to live …Read More