A Day to Celebrate

By October 31, 2011 Blog

Forget the pumpkins and Halloween Haribo.  Today in 1517, Martin Luther, wrote an (offline) post that changed the world. One of his most accessible works came 14 years later: Luther’s Galatians commentary.  It’s a total beaut – chock-ful of  gospel wisdom for those struggling with suffering and sin.   So,  in honour of Reformation day, here’s a few nuggets from Pastor Luther to steady our souls.. “.. We are not to look upon our sins as insignificant trifles. On the other hand, we …Read More


By October 29, 2011 Blog, identity

No-one likes being sick – whether in body or in soul.  It’s a reminder of our frailty and mortality.  It stops us doing the things that give us identity.  Even in short bursts, it can be isolating, depressing, wearying.  But when it goes on for a long time – that’s a real killer. To start with, it’s not so bad.  There are options.  Doctors to see, remedies to try. But the days turn into months.  Months turn into years. As the avenues of hope …Read More

True and False Shame

By October 28, 2011 Blog

What’s the role of shame in your life? Is it something you can easily brush off? An occasional twinge, but nothing serious? Or is it a lingering malaise, a black cloud that follows you around and leaps on you when you’re tired and defenseless? We read a lot about the role of shame in eastern cultures.  In the west perhaps we’ve moved on- even the worst offenders can cite endless justification for their crimes.  But whether we suppress it or tie …Read More

Danse Macabre

By October 27, 2011 Blog

When did Halloween become so HUGE?  Seriously, you can’t step outside the house without being accosted by some sort of ghoul or smothered in cobwebs.. (Actually wait – that’s inside the house – note to self, must dust. ( Next Year Job.) Nor is there one unifying theme.  Marks + Spencers, normally the bastion of shortbread and cosy respectability, seem particularly conflicted. Exhibit A – enormous chocolate halloween eggs, priced at £18.99. Look, I like chocolate as much as the next person. But at that …Read More

Winter Goodies

By October 25, 2011 Blog

1. when you step in a cowpat/dog poo, it’s frozen so you get off scot (or rather, skid) free 2. being less sweaty – both you and other people (especially on public transport) 3. wellie boots 4. the sensation of a sneeze 5. kissing the razor goodbye (listen folks, that extra hairy dermis is about survival. Not laziness) 6. Layers. Being licensed to look like michelin woman.  Not being able to put your arms by your sides .  Knowing that if a …Read More

Positive Body-talk

By October 24, 2011 Blog

Those struggling with eating disorders have things in common, but each case is also unique. When it comes to finding reasons for the disorder, the same rules apply. It’s easy to point the finger at say, family (see previous posts here , here and here),  but automatically apportioning blame is  simplistic and harmful… What’s much harder  is to suggest ways in which such disorders can be managed, or even prevented. A friend of mine sent me a link to an article in Eating …Read More

Gospel for the Healthy

By October 21, 2011 Blog

‘God so loved the world that whoever has their life together should not perish but have eternal life’. Ridiculous, huh? And yet…how often is this exactly what we practice? As a church, our mission is to care for the broken and to point them to Christ. But what areas do we designate as ‘off limits?’  How, for example, do we tackle the issue of eating disorders? Do we even try? Yes, medical care is important.  But what about emotional, spiritual, mental support? It’s …Read More

Past Continuous

By October 19, 2011 Blog

The past is a powerful place, isn’t it? I’ve been reminded of this whilst listening to a song by the Wombats. It’s called ‘1996” and here’s an excerpt; ‘I had no cares in the 1990s I knew of no downfalls. The war was breaking out all around me My concerns were with prank calls. She kissed me on the cheek She kissed me on the cheek Right in front of the older kids When my self-belief, my self-belief Wasn’t scarred by the modern …Read More

Food For Thought

By October 18, 2011 Blog, OCD

Maybe the way to handle some neuroses is to channel them. I was thinking that this morning as I passed a woman wearing a gorgeous patterned skirt. I smiled at her and then my OCD brain kicked into gear and mentally tidied it. Same thing happens when I see stripes. I want to scoop them up and tie them together. But perhaps that excess stress and energy  could be used for good. Instead of alphabeticising soups, I could save the whales. …Read More

Parachute Monday

By October 17, 2011 Blog

A big shout out to all the other victims of the malign force that is Monday.  Morning. Exhibit A: twenty minutes spent stalking the World’s Hugest Moth.  Only to discover that I’d triumphantly squashed what turned out to be a large piece of sellotape.   Does that warrant a back-to-bed card? I’m hoping you’re still too befuddled by sleep to spot the fact that this is very definitely an Avoidance Blog. In other words, it has no point except to defer …Read More