Good stuff ahead

By December 30, 2011 Blog

What if you could see your life through God’s eyes? And the last year? Not how you feel about it.  Or even what others think – family, friends, strangers. I reckon it might transform the year gone by. Like – some of the stuff that I really fought for – turned out to be rubbish. but some of the things that I fought against – were lessons I needed to learn. Or gifts (albeit without  nice wrapping). And maybe the …Read More

Help Wanted

By December 29, 2011 Blog

I can’t be dealing with New Year.     She’s grey and self-contained and independent and self-controlled. She makes tutting noises and feels threatened by excess or disruption to routine. She’s hard working, guilty and Not Good Enough.    She does resolutions and improvements.  She even JOGS. This year, I will NOT Be: Losing Weight Getting Fit Baking my own Bread Reading improving literature Making myself finish books I don’t like Trying Harder to be Better … I will, I …Read More

Happy Families

By December 28, 2011 Blog

Is it just me … or does your family also have a complex system of unwritten rules that everyone obeys, even if no-one says them aloud?  Rules about who you are and where you fit and what is and isn’t acceptable and how things are or aren’t done. In our house for example, we work as a team.  Nothing, but nothing happens, without a family summit.  Lost your socks?  Let’s huddle.  Got a rash? Let ME Take a look. Jar …Read More

Cold Turkey

By December 26, 2011 Blog

Aaaah, Boxing Day.  The calm after the Christmas Day storm. An oasis of jigsaws, re-runs and indigestion. Christmas Day is great. But – it’s a little overwhelming too.  It’s lovely to see family and it’s lovely to sit together round a meal and it’s lovely to open some presents.  It’s just that on this one day, it’s ALL of everything in one go. ALL the family – even the ones you usually only see at weddings. ALL the food – …Read More

Yet More Claws Out For Santy

By December 22, 2011 Blog

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By December 21, 2011 Blog

Sometimes, life feels very overwhelming. This has been one of those weeks. I’ve written a book. It’s only a little one and the publishers haven’t read it but I’m too tired to wheel out all the caveats about ‘it’s not very good no-one’s gonna read it blahdeeblahblah’ (true though they may be).  It’s written and I’ve handed it over and that’s that. But it’s hard to process. And it doesn’t feel how I thought it would. Here’s the thing.  I always wanted …Read More

View from the Pew

By December 17, 2011 Blog

Here’s a fascinating piece by an atheist churchgoer, from last weekend’s Guardian. The title is: ‘What I’m really thinking’. ‘As I sit in church on a Sunday morning, my main struggle is to stay awake. I did fall asleep during a sermon once, and came to with a jolt, wondering if I’d been snoring. The rest of the congregation stands and sits at the appropriate moments – I never know what’s happening. I started going to church to get my children …Read More

Joy To The World (repost)

By December 16, 2011 Blog

Christmas. Suddenly it’s not just snapping at my heels, but licking my nose. Part of me loves it, the other bit wants to stay into bed until it’s all over. It’s a challenging time – in part because IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE FUN. Not just a temporary ceasefire on the conflict that punctuates normal family life, but a whole sleighload of relentless, frenzied, all-ages frivolity. On the list of stressful life events, Christmas can be up there with moving home …Read More

Re-Postastic: Stuff The Turkey

By December 14, 2011 Blog

I’m working towards a couple of deadlines at the moment, so over the next few days I’m a-wheelin’ out some Christmas faithfuls.  Normal service (and hopefully sanity) will resume after the weekend… Christmas is a time of celebration and joy, right? It’s the roaring log fire, the camaraderie, you and your family laughing together over charades, wrapped up warm in your fleecy pjs and squabbling good-naturedly over the last Quality Street. (Inevitably, in our house anyway, the last choc is …Read More

Claws Out For Santy

By December 13, 2011 Blog

[Been a long day.  Here’s a repost from last year] News Flash! There’s no such person as Father Christmas. (We all know kiddies can’t read bold type). Yes, I know. What about the pressies? (for pity’s sake, someone needs to bear responsibility for last year’s Lapland inspired home-knits). Or the shopping centre grottos? (So lifelike). And if it’s not Santa, then who exactly drinks (increasing quantities) of the (aged malt) whiskey left out every Christmas Eve? Alas, dear friends, these …Read More