Who’s To Blame?

By May 31, 2012 Blog, identity

More than half of the UK population are dissatisfied with their bodies, according to a parliamentary report to be published on Wednesday. The 80-page report was drawn up by MPs and Central YMCA, after a three-month public inquiry. It blames a combination of the media, advertising and celebrity culture for promoting a “body ideal” which is  physically impossible for nearly 95% of the population. So how should the church respond? The Evangelical Alliance  asked this question in an article published today. …Read More

Eating Their Words

By May 30, 2012 Blog

Are magazines to blame for eating disorders? It’s a question that’s come up again recently as part of the coverage surrounding Rachel Johnston. Rachel, now aged 20, nearly died after a four-year battle with anorexia. She believes that reading about airbrushed models was the reason for her disorder.  As a result, she’s launched a campaign to ban magazine images showing super-slim celebrities. I applaud Rachel for taking a stand and fighting on this issue. But though magazines may be one factor …Read More

Are We There Yet?

By May 29, 2012 Blog

Nobody likes waiting. It’s boring. And frustrating.  You’re  hot and sweaty and your shoes are pinching. All the other queues are moving faster.   I thought this was meant to be fast food – and where’s my instant coffee? God however, doesn’t agree.  In fact, He seems to think that waiting is a Very Good idea. ‘Wait for the Lord; Be strong, and let your heart take courage’; (and just in case we haven’t yet got it).. ‘Yes, wait for the …Read More

Anorexia: The Japanese Epidemic

By May 28, 2012 Blog

Some shocking stats on anorexia in Japan, from an article by Georgia Hanias in this month’s Marie Claire: anorexia and bulimia boomed in Europe and America during the 70s and 80s but Japan never experienced a problem.  Today, the number of people with eating disorders is increasing more rapidly in Japan than anywhere else in the world. Each year the Japanese government collects three billion yen (£22m) in tax revenue from companies selling slimming aids.  These products are sold by …Read More

Here’s My Heart

By May 27, 2012 Blog, identity

At the moment, my parents are reading my book. Here it is, I said.  A ring-bound folder of My Life. It was hard to write.  But  for them, it’s even harder to read. I at least, had a choice in telling my story.  But however much I try to honour and protect them, it’s theirs as well. Our family, laid bare. The tapestry of our history.  The thoughts and experiences that unspoken, bind us together and tear us apart. Is this …Read More

Little Miss Perfect

By May 25, 2012 Blog

Picture the scene.  The Boardroom. A  panel of interviewers.  You’ve been there for half an hour, sweating and trying not to think about the borrowed heels that have cut off your circulation. You’ve answered question after question about why  you’re perfect for this job.  It’s going ok – until they bring out the big guns. ‘What’s your biggest weakness?’ What to say? –          I hate people? No, too soon. –          I’m lazy? They’ll work this out. –          When my blood …Read More


By May 24, 2012 Blog

Two examples of self-talk: (sorry, some swearing in both)   Share…FacebookTwitterTumblrPinterestStumbleUponDiggemail

Stuck in Transit?

By May 23, 2012 Blog

Ever feel like a  piece of  left luggage, circling life’s conveyer belt? When you became a Christian, this wasn’t what you imagined. Boarding the flight marked ‘Holiness’, surely you waved goodbye to your old self. Brand new me, here I come! – but in some ways,  you’re still in the lounge. Other, shiner bags have been collected. But not you. Instead you’re circling round with the same old issues. It’s frustrating. And it’s boring too.  You want to shake yourself …Read More

The Remedy

By May 22, 2012 Blog

This week the 24 year-old singer-songwriter Karima Francis releases her latest single, ‘Wherever I Go’.  Taken from her second album, entitled ‘The Remedy’, it has already received  critical acclaim – but it very nearly didn’t happen.  In fact, Karima herself is lucky to be here. In 2009, Karima released her first album, with a single on national radio.  Years of hard work were finally paying off and  she seemed like a poster girl for beauty and success.  But beneath the …Read More

The Mirror Has Three Faces

By May 21, 2012 Blog, identity

I’ve realised that there are at least two of me operating at any one time. There’s ‘Monday’ Emma, (who’s sort of grey-brown and slightly squashed).  And then there’s someone else.  Let’s call her ‘Friday’ Emma. I think she’s pink. Monday Emma doesn’t think she’s any use.  She bites her nails and, (despite her mum’s training), remains a domestic slattern.  She wants to like Newsnight but watches Don’t Tell The Bride.  She compares herself (unfavourably) to others and Needs Routine. She’s …Read More