Life Together

By June 17, 2012 Blog

This week, I’ve been reading about a dating site called Nearly three million people are signed up to it and it’s easy to see why. It provides a  dating on demand service, where you can hand-pick your dream partner, a bit like selecting your favourite brand of cheese. Within the umbrella site are 206 incredibly specific mini-sites, grouped under every conceivable category . There’s or, (which includes the category of ‘scientologist vegetarian’). There’s groups for Gun Lovers, …Read More

Confessing a Stress Mess

By June 15, 2012 Blog

Ever have days when you’re so tense it feels like your shoulders are taped to your ears? You’re stressed – and your body carries it as much as your mind; like a human knot, shaking with the effort of keeping it all in. That’s the thing isn’t it – sometimes stress comes, not just from what’s going on, but the pressure of trying to hold it all together. Maybe you’re a mum, trying to pacify a howling infant or a …Read More

Stand back, I’m BUSY

By June 13, 2012 Blog

I spend a lot of time moaning about being busy. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, I’ve got deadlines, I’m stressed, blahdeeblahdeeblah. Just one wee problem: most of my busyness is actually a choice. No-one is standing over me with a big stick saying ‘c’mon now Emma, hop to it’.  On some level, I want to be busy – and I make decisions that make sure I am. There are different reasons for this. 1. I want to …Read More

Lentils or Death

By June 12, 2012 Blog, identity

This morning we were reading about Jacob and Esau. They’re twins – but not identical. Esau (the eldest) is all man, big and hairy and sweaty and meaty, whilst Jacob likes cooking and his mum. However, beneath Jacob’s frilly exterior lurks a big old conniving brain.  He might be the youngest, but he’s determined to get his hands on his brother’s inheritance.  So he hatches up a plan to buy it from his brother. An inheritance is no small thing. …Read More

Eating Disorders: An Introduction

By June 11, 2012 Blog

1.6 million people in Britain affected by an eating disorder (source: Beat) Most common is bulimia (1-2 per cent of pop affected) 140 000 with anorexia (of which around 5% are fatal) They are most common aged in young women – but increasingly affecting children, men and older people too.   Warning signs: weight loss or unusual weight changes periods being irregular or stopping missing meals, eating very little and avoiding ‘fattening’ foods avoiding eating in public, secret eating large …Read More

Safe in the Storm

By June 8, 2012 Blog, identity

This week I forgot the gospel. Instead, I listened to old lies: I’m brilliant. I’m terrible.  Everything is too much. I can do it all myself. I went back to old idols: I went  to bed instead of facing all my feelings. Then I leapt up and tried to prove I was worthwhile. Then my head exploded under the weight of expectation and I retreated back to bed. And then up I popped till it started again… zero to hero, …Read More

Duvet Day

By June 7, 2012 Blog

What do you do when you’re frightened? When I was small, I thought that bad things lived under the bed and they would grab me by the ankles and pull me under.  The way I got around this was by taking a running leap and jumping onto the duvet from a safe distance, then wrapping myself up in it and closing my eyes, very tight.  (My thinking then, as now, is that if you can’t see the bogey-beast, he can’t …Read More

Mind Control

By June 6, 2012 Blog

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a form of therapy that  explores the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and our patterns of behaviour and emotion (programmes). The idea is that, by studying these relationships, people can adopt more successful ways of thinking, communicating, feeling and behaving. Critics call it ‘pseudo-scientific psycho-babble’.  But proponents argue that it’s the most effective way of breaking bad patterns and making new ones. You’ll have see some of the techniques being …Read More

The ‘Real’ Me

By June 5, 2012 Blog

When I was younger, I remember wondering if the world really existed outside of whatever room I was in.  So when I went into the hall-way, I wondered if the kitchen would dissolve.  And when I turned a  corner, I was convinced the  street would vanish.  Sometimes I would pretend to leave somewhere and then rush back in, just to check.  It always showed up, but I’m still not convinced.  Did you ever think the same way?  I think most …Read More

One is No Longer Amused

By June 4, 2012 Blog

I think I’m now officially jubileed-out.  And let me tell you, it’s been Emotional. The high? Watching unhappy celebrities getting rained on from the comfort of my living-room. The low? Volunteering for Bouncy Castle duty at our church jubilee party, only to discover that adults weren’t allowed on. But at the very least, it’s been an education. I now know far more about the Queen’s wardrobe than I really need to.  For example; – she has little weights sewn into her …Read More