Thanks Mate

By October 30, 2012 Blog

So often I look at my life and think it’s a total mess, and nothing will ever change.  But that’s not true – for me, or for you. It is changing – and it has changed…it’s just that, stuck in the detail, that’s hard to see. I think this is one reason why God puts us in community. I know you struggle.    Me too!  But our friendship matters.  Not because you’ve got solutions or brilliant advice. Because you’re messy.  Because you’re real. Because when …Read More

Emotional Toolbox

By October 29, 2012 Blog

I’ve got laryngitis (which is definitely only meant for opera singers), so am swaddled in a duvet with the cat.  Turns out I’m rubbish at being ‘sick’.  That’s because I have things to do and it’s all in my head and nothing a good brisk walk/mug of chicken soup/lemsip and lucozade won’t fix.  I’ve told my body this repeatedly, but it’s not co-operating. Plus, Glen’s morphed from good nurse cautiously suggesting oranges, to evil nurse threatening drastic sanctions if I leave the sofa. I hate being still.  Psalm 23 …Read More

What’s Cooking?

By October 28, 2012 Blog

I wish you could have met my grannies.  They were amazing women. Both could talk the hind leg off a donkey.  Both laughed like drains, (Granny Sloan’s was especially filthy – partly because  of the ciggies, but mainly I suspect, because of a lifetime spent gathering Juicy Secrets). Perhaps it’s also a generational thing.  They were raised at a time when there was plenty of love, but not a lot else.  Hardship made them strong, but never hard –  candied steel that bent but didn’t …Read More

Don’t Despise Yourself

By October 25, 2012 Blog

There’s a big difference between hating your struggles – and hating yourself. But so often, the two get mixed up. It’s right to hate my anger. My desire to be in control of everyone and everything. It’s right to hate the depression that makes it difficult to get out of bed.  The self-righteousness that means I can’t admit I’m wrong. The fears that stop me loving others and living as I want.  The eating disorder that nearly killed me and …Read More

Don’t Give Up

By October 23, 2012 Blog

You’re tired. I know, I see it.  The shoulders, the lowered chin, the sadness beneath the smile. You’ve been carrying too much – for too long.  More than anyone realises; more than anyone was meant to bear. You don’t want to draw attention.  Others have it worse, you know that.  It’s fine, really.  Only it’s not. Is it? It’s okay.  You’re safe here. You don’t need to pretend.  There’s time – and space.  As much as you need. You can breathe …Read More

Fifty Shades

By October 22, 2012 Blog

Extremes are enticing.  But mid-points, halfways and grey areas … can go suck eggs. Life’s too short to live on the margins, right? I want it all!.. NOW. Or just forget the whole thing. I’m a winner! Number one! … or  I’m nothing. I’m a victim!…or it’s all my fault.   This is how my mind naturally operates. From reverse (itsalltoomuchIcan’tcope) to fastforward (gogogodoityourselfandyouknowitsdoneproper) Extremes feel good.  But here’s where such thinking can take us:   Starving and stuffing (too much versus too little). …Read More

My Child Has An Eating Disorder

By October 21, 2012 Blog

Been reading ‘The Parent’s Guide to Eating Disorders’ by Jane Smith.  Here’s some thoughts, (from her and me): – don’t panic. You’re not on your own: lots of families have been where you are and come through it – don’t blame yourself: for not spotting the signs etc: what matters is where you go to from here –  at this stage, keep talking to your child so they don’t bottle up their feelings. – try not to concentrate all your questions …Read More

You Beauties

By October 19, 2012 Blog

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on yesterday’s post.  My brain’s been filled with fears and every synapse has been firing utter nonsense, so getting some real perspective and wisdom has been hugely helpful. Actually, scratch the word ‘helpful’. ‘Helpful’ is someone opening a door for you.  I’m trying to say more than this, but it’s easier to make a joke or hide behind rhetoric, than to be genuine. Getting your comments has been overwhelming but in a really good way. …Read More

Can You Help?

By October 18, 2012 Blog

Dear lovely blog readers Have you got a minute for me to pick your brains?  I’ve been asked to do something and am not sure about whether to accept or refuse. Last night I was leaning towards ‘yes’, today I’m thinking ‘probably not’. So here’s the query. There’s a two minute TV slot after the channel four news, called 4Thought.  Each week they ask a different question, and people comment on what their beliefs mean in this area. The interviewees are chosen to represent a …Read More

On Giving Up, Not Giving In

By October 16, 2012 Blog

This morning I stepped out of my comfortable bed and into a hot shower. Ate my breakfast. Drank some coffee. Fed the cats. All fine. Then I went upstairs. And in my brain a switch flicked. I started thinking about the things I needed to do. This week.  This month. Christmas.  Next year.  The year after. The thoughts gathered speed, tumbling and spilling beyond my reach. Toomuchtoomuchtoomuchtoomuch. And yet – not enough. After all, I need things to do.  Fill …Read More