Self-help for Self-harm

By November 16, 2012 Blog

Self-harm is an umbrella term for any behaviour, action or habit, which can cause damage to your health. This can include cutting, but also includes overeating, taking drugs, smoking and drinking too much alcohol. It’s a wide area that covers a whole range of actions. Self-injury is the term used to describe deliberate acts of hurting yourself – so this may be cutting, burning, head banging, pulling out your own hair etc. Self-harming behaviour includes acts that cause short and …Read More

What Matters

By November 15, 2012 Blog

It’s so hard to think that God might love us, isn’t it? And yet – He Already does, whatever we do or however we feel. No matter where you’re at now or where you have been, He loves you utterly and completely. That’s hard to hear and it’s hard to believe, but it’s the truth. Don’t listen to the lies. Listen to Him. To the love that is terrible and beautiful, unquenchable and unending. He chose us: “You are a …Read More

Terminal Living

By November 14, 2012 Blog

I’m staring out at a rain-lashed runway, waiting to fly home from home. I hate flying – even short-haul.  Mentally I’ve already kissed goodbye to my nearest and dearest, so I’m distracting myself by people-watching and pretending I’m in the arrivals rather than departure lounge. Airport terminals are twilight zones: human hinterlands where everyone’s in limbo.. waiting to arrive or waiting to depart, checking-out or checking-in, picking-up or setting-down. Crocodiles of children marshalled by anxious parents.  Couples, hugging, arguing and …Read More

Redeeming The F Word

By November 13, 2012 Blog

Food. It means so much more than what’s simply on our plate. And not because Gillian McKeith says so. From the Garden of Eden to the Final Wedding Feast, the Bible mentions food more often than Jamie, Nigella and Gordon combined. So why is it so important? God has created us with needs which He wants to supply. Food is a symbol of our dependence upon God – and this is actually a really good thing.  Food is meant to …Read More

Some Thoughts On Eating Disorders

By November 11, 2012 Blog

This week I’ve chatted with a few people struggling with eating disorders and those who care for them. Tonight I’ll be speaking about my own experience at an evangelistic event. I’ve been asked to give advice on how to get and receive help. Here are a few thoughts, taken from an interview I gave to the lovely Sarah Harding at the Presbyterian Herald:( you can order your copy here). Eating disorders are about our hearts as well as our bodies. Thus full recovery means more than just weight gain: it’s about facing …Read More

Pastoral Care IS Evangelism: Guest Post

By November 9, 2012 Blog

Glen here… Picture an evangelist.  What are you imagining?  Perhaps a motor-mouth with the enthusiasm of a labrador pup, the skin of a rhinoceros’s hide, the social skills of a barge pole and the patter of a “Phones 4 U” sales rep. Now picture a pastoral carer.  What are the images now?  Surely it’s endless cups of tea, frowns of concern, shoulders squeezed and pained benedictions: “Aw bless” they say with an empathy perilously close to patronising. In the popular …Read More

Words Best Kept To Yourself

By November 7, 2012 Blog

– you think You’ve got problems: let me tell you about MINE – and you don’t even work: what do you do with your time?! Your house must be spotless – mind over matter – when life gives you lemons… – no-one ever said life was fair – depressed again? You’re always depressed. – suffering now, glory later – here’s ten verses on X.  See ya… – you should have listened to me. – have you tried prunes/camomile tea/lavender/goji berries …Read More


By November 6, 2012 Blog

Thanks very much for your prayers for yesterday: (recording a 2min piece for 4Thought). I did it: I was Terrible, but I did it. In an attempt to cheer myself up, I’ve been listening to sermons today on how God uses our weakness. I still think I talked a lot of nonsense, but my brain’s just as fallen as my heart and its judgement can’t be trusted. Things that were good: lovely lady who was prompting me (and cameramen, who …Read More

What Would You Say?

By November 4, 2012 Blog

A few weeks ago, I asked your advice on doing a short TV slot for 4thought.  Thanks for your wisdom –  I’m doing it and the filming is tomorrow. I wish I could be a Christian who hasn’t struggled and who is a better example of faith and recovery.  I’m worried about what strangers and friends will think – and ‘recovering Christian anorexic’ isn’t what I want people to see. But I really believe that Jesus is for us in our mess – He loves us as we are …Read More

One Thing Is True

By November 3, 2012 Blog

Thanks for your prayers for Friday’s appointment. It was tough. I’ll maybe write more when I’m less raw, but  – thank-you.  Your prayers have been – and are –  lifelines. I want to be stronger and braver than I am.   I feel like the smallest, weakest, most insignificant thing on the planet. I’m trying to sort the truths from the lies. And to believe in the stuff I can’t yet see. None of us  know what the future holds.  Sometimes, it’s hard going. …Read More