Be Encouraged

By January 30, 2013 Blog

A couple of years ago, Glen bought me a book called ‘How to Give and Receive Praise’.  (I started reading it but got distracted by the washing instructions on the sofa). The point was – is – this: encouragement is hard work. I blame my parents: in our family, if you love someone, you insult them. The ruder you are, the more you like ’em.  There’s nothing worse than a big head so if you put them down you’re actually protecting …Read More

Hot Rocks and Me-Time

By January 29, 2013 Blog

Ever feel like a pile of poo? Something  people need to step over or, gagging, scoop out of sight. That sense that you’re not okay and that unless you fix it, other people will realise too. So what do you do with it – the knowledge that you’re a shameful fraud – moments away from discovery? You can put on a mask for others.  But what about yourself?  How do you tell yourself you’re okay? Seems like there’s a number of options. 1. …Read More

CBT and Christianity

By January 28, 2013 Blog

Here’s some excerpts from a paper Glen has written on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: What is CBT? Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a short-term, practical, client-based, collaborative, problem-solving, life-skill learning   ‘talking therapy’ which has had excellent and well documented success in alleviating certain emotional problems. … The underlying assumption is that faulty emotions and behaviours flow from faulty thinking. Thoughts =>  Feelings => Behaviours These thoughts are themselves the result of faulty beliefs which underlie them and need to be confronted …Read More

Enough Already

By January 26, 2013 Blog

Get married.  Get pregnant.  Get drunk. Get thin. Get a new job. Get a boyfriend. Get botox. Get a new outfit.   Get a bikini body. Get even. Get rich. Get a car.  Get a life. Get what you want. Get with the programme. Get ripped.  Get laid. Get faster broadband. Get more for your money. Cut your bills.   Cut your losses.  Cut your hours.  Cut your hair. Cut your wrists. Cut yourself a big slice. Cut your carbon footprint. Manage …Read More

Managing The Missus

By January 24, 2013 Blog

Two guys overheard in a coffee shop: A: Mate, you can’t let her treat you like that.  Serious. Two nights in a row she’s been out with her friends, but if that was you, she’d go ballistic.  Tell me I’m wrong’ B:’Yeah. Maybe’ A:’See? Mind games.’ B:’Right’ A:You have to take control, but (lowers voice):  let her think she’s in charge’ B: ‘Right’. A: ‘Otherwise they go mental’. B: ‘Yeah’. A: ‘Next thing you know she’ll be facebooking her ex’ B: (looks at …Read More

Big Boys Don’t Cry

By January 23, 2013 Blog

At work they call him ‘The Boss’. A man’s man: built like a wall – or so we thought. He seemed alright to me.  Bit quiet, but he was never a big talker – even when we were kids. We’ve been through a lot together – but that’s life. Past is past, mate. Wipe off your lipstick and let’s get another drink. Twenty years and not a day off. ‘No time to be sick’. Nothing flustered him: angry customers, delayed shipments, …Read More

Muddling Through

By January 22, 2013 Blog

If you know something, but you don’t feel it, is it still the truth? Example.  I’m depressed.  No – I’ll wrap it so you can hand it back: I’ve been feeling a bit low. See what I did there? ‘Been feeling’.  Past tense. Old issue. Better now. ‘A bit’.   Like milk in tea.  Manageable. Civilised. No real dilution of hope. No need to pour the whole lot down the sink and start afresh. That would be silly. It doesn’t fit. Lovely hubby, loving church fellowship, living …Read More

A Diet for Disaster

By January 20, 2013 Blog

January it seems, is the month of the Diet.  And not just any old diet – this year, (as with every year), it’s something Radical and Exciting that will Change Your Life.  From Dukan to Atkins – you can eat anything…as long as it’s blue and contains the letter z! Knock yourself out  with a mountain of raw zucchini. Diets are especially appealing to a certain kind of person.  Perfectionists. Those with low self-esteem, who long for a programme that promises self-worth. Those who …Read More

No Need To Shout

By January 17, 2013 Blog

When I was a child, I thought like a child. I reasoned like a child. And I coped like a child. Some of these strategies were good. Some were very bad. But at the time, they made a lot of sense. You see, if the world is black or white If  people are good or bad If you’re either completely in control or unutterably lost then of course, you must shout to be heard. Problem is, once you start shouting it’s very hard to …Read More

Why It’s Better To Receive

By January 16, 2013 Blog

Busy, distracted with serving and permanently stressed,  Martha is a woman after my own heart… 38 Now as they went on their way, Jesus entered a village. And a woman named Martha welcomed him into her house. 39 And she had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to his teaching. 40 But Martha was distracted with much serving. And she went up to him and said, “Lord, do you not care that my sister has left …Read More