Church Support for Mental Health

By January 15, 2013 Blog

Galatians 6:2: “Carry each other’s burdens and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Listen and learn from those with mental illness: educate the congregation esp about mental illness and addiction. What are the symptoms, the root causes, and what can you do to support someone who struggles with issues like obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, borderline, manic depression and self-harm? Talk about mental illness and provide forums for people to ask dangerous questions Pray and keep on …Read More

Worry? Don’t Mind If I Do..

By January 14, 2013 Blog

Yesterday, Glen was preaching. I’d love to say I was fully focused on the sermon and cheering him on.  But my brain had hopped out the window and was running for the hills. I had other things on my mind. Important things. Things that were broken and needed to be fixed. A sore throat.  My website, which had crashed*. A broken picture that needed mended.  Cracked eggs that needed to be used up. The leaking fridge. The boiler that blew up. And anyway, …Read More

Death to January

By January 10, 2013 Blog

January is a beast. A time of fresh starts, resolutions and beginnings.  But how do you make them, when you’re in the same body, with the same mind, the same relationships, the same job (or lack of), and same struggles? This month it’s harder to trot out the same excuses. Maybe it’s substance abuse. The festive season gave you a cover and an excuse. But unlike others, you’re still drinking or smoking or snorting. Jan 1, Jan 2, Jan 8…2012, 2013, 2030. Tomorrow …Read More

“This is what I do for you”

By January 9, 2013 Blog

Here’s a lovely guest post from Caroline… Every once in a while our whole family has to be somewhere early in the morning, all together. On these occasions, I find it is easier to dress the little ones in clean clothes BEFORE they go to sleep, leaving their shoes and socks beside their beds. In the wee hours I go in, uncover them, put on their socks and shoes, walk them to the toilet, load them in the car, and …Read More


By January 8, 2013 Blog

Thank you for your prayers for today’s appointment at The Scary Mole clinic.  They’re taking that bad boy off and doing a biopsy, but not for a few weeks – which I’m taking as a good sign. What it has done is make me realise how much I appreciate my friends – including this amazing blog community.  I thank God for you and for what He is showing me of Himself through your care. It’s been lovely – but also upsetting – even …Read More

New You, New Poo

By January 7, 2013 Blog

Dear Womanity Weekly, I am writing to complain about your recent articles. I have been a keen subscriber now for several days. On initial reading, some of your claims seemed a little extravagant, (see below) but the personal recommendations from Kim Kardashian and Matt Roberts helped to set my mind at rest.  It was therefore with no little excitement that I prepared to Change My Life and Butt.  However, two weeks later, I have yet to drop a dress size, …Read More

Roll of Awesomeness

By January 6, 2013 Blog

watching someone being pooped on by a seagull. Then telling them it’s ‘lucky’. the word ‘poop’.   Also ‘insidious’, (especially if you imagine  Brad Pitt saying it in a perfume ad) rude-shaped vegetables. blog commenters. Beauties, every one of you. Kiera Knightly and Jude Law in the same movie. (One film spoiled instead of two and the mother of all pout-offs). Discovering an advent chocolate that got missed in the rush. (Who cares if it’s hairy) The existence of Bon Jovi. the last brussel …Read More

Letter From The Hospital

By January 5, 2013 Blog

Sorry for blog hiatus. I’ve had that noro thing (which Will Not Leave) and then last week I got a letter from the hospital.  I went to the doc about the cough but while I was there got him to look at a mole, (I’m a big fan of getting everything sorted in one appointment.  Same philosophy as tidying up the floor when I bend down to pick something up).  Anyway, the doc seemed a bit worried and then on …Read More

World Fair

By January 3, 2013 Blog

This year Has not yet started. Perhaps for you – but not yet for me. I’m not ready to step onto it.  I’d rather watch and shrink back and wait for it to pass. Already I’m sick of it. Weary. Heartheavy. Toppled by whispers. I need some hope.  And a fresh start. Options: 1. Learn to Love Myself.   If I stop wasting time on other people, I’ll unlock a valuable reservoir of energy that is currently sucking me dry. 2. …Read More

Resolved… to Give Up Resolving

By January 1, 2013 Blog

Because… – if something’s important, it’s worth doing it all the time – January is tough enough without the added challenge of getting fit/thin/beautiful/organised/pregnant/married – some things we can’t control. Trying makes it worse. – everything in me wants to self-improve and do it alone.  Weight Watchers and Total Fitness and New Woman and the Debenham’s Sale all tell me I can.  Eating disorders say the same thing (and January is Their favourite month). But nothing is ever enough. – Grace …Read More