Step Aside Sir Alan

By February 4, 2013 Blog

So, what do you do? It’s the question I hate most.  One sentence to justify my entire existence. Inevitably, my brain throws up a blank. ‘Er- dunno’. ‘Nothing.  I’ve done nothing’. From the hours of 8 till 8, I must have done something.  Quick, THINK. Groceries, banking, faffing on computer, cleaning, phone-calls. Nothing that will alter the course of world history.   But not ‘nothing’ either. … Just because you don’t have a  job title, doesn’t mean you don’t work.   …Read More

Missing! Reward Offered.

By February 3, 2013 Blog

LOST One Mojo. Star-shaped with distinctive orange stripes and a sparkly exterior. Answers to theme tune of Miss Marple and Eye of the Tiger. Also ‘Marvin‘. Marvin is small but fast. As well as being affectionate, he is needed for blogging, writing, marriage/friendship maintenance,  basic and advanced conversation, smiling, bin emptying and smiling whilst bin emptying. Last seen in November, (with unconfirmed sightings over the Christmas period). Caution:  May attempt to dispense purple jelly beans and will hug if approached. …Read More

What’s Your Story?

By February 1, 2013 Blog

Husbandhead  and I are very different. He likes green olives, I like black.  He loves sunshine, I like rain.He thrives on change and conversation; I like routine and  (sometimes) silence. He’s positive, easy-going and brave…I’m melancholy, uptight and chicken-hearted. He’s an evangelist. I am not. One sniff of a sandwich board and he’s away – I’m away too, but in the opposite direction. I’m not good at sharing my faith.  If I tell folks I’m a Christian, they’ll think all …Read More