Forget God, I Got Ironing

By March 31, 2013 Blog

Today is important.  But not for the reason you think. Not because death has been defeated. Not because  Christ has burst forth from the grave and reigns with His Father over all creation. Not because He leads His people into life and freedom.   No.   Let me tell you why today is important: it’s important because we have guests tomorrow and I have to get things ready.   Beds to make. A roast to cook. Washing to dry. A …Read More

The Power Behind The Throne

By March 29, 2013 Blog

The offense of Jesus is not a system or a statement.  It’s not a manifesto or a speech. It’s not a creed or a promise or a threat or a plea.  The offense of Jesus is not a sermon or a strategy. The offense of Jesus is a cross. The hope of Jesus is not our resolutions, our apologies or our efforts.  It’s not self-improvement, our good intentions or our resolve. It’s not our feasting or our fasting, our giving …Read More

Clean Slate

By March 28, 2013 Blog

Glen’s mum is coming to stay with us on Monday. She’s a lovely Christian woman and we’re looking forward to seeing her. But the thought of it also fills me with fear. ‘I want to show you I can look after your son’.  But for most of our married life I have done precisely the opposite. I want to say: ‘you can trust me with him.  I’m no longer crazy’. But whilst I’ve returned to normal: it’s normal Me.  Which …Read More


By March 27, 2013 Blog

I’m a healthy weight.  Have been for a while.  I know a real freedom in many areas I thought I’d never feel.   But there’s more to getting better than what I eat. Which is why I struggle with ‘recovery’. The term, as well as the fact. Does it have stages, like an exam: practical and theory? A trial period when you’re on ‘L-plates’ before you’re let loose on the motorway? What does it actually mean? A change in behaviour? A …Read More

Fickle Fans

By March 26, 2013 Blog

‘Sometimes they crowd His way and His sweet praises sing Resounding all the day, hosannas to their King Then, “Crucify!” is all their breath, And for His death they thirst and cry’.   Heroes can’t afford to make mistakes.  Or if they do, then quickly become villains: it’s amazing how quickly our love sours to hate. No one understood this more than Jesus: whether it was the crowds who wanted to crown and then crucify, or the friends who swore …Read More

Help Wanted

By March 26, 2013 Blog

This summer I’m doing a number of seminars on mental health, (eating disorders, self-harm, depression, OCD, anxiety).  I’m also thinking about maybe doing some more writing.  As part of my research, I’m interested in hearing from others who currently struggle/have done  in these areas, (especially Christians).  It would mean filling out a questionnaire (of about 20 questions) – but any info I use would be anonymous. Some kind folks have already done this, but if you haven’t and would like …Read More

Snow White and Her Rusty Womb

By March 25, 2013 Blog

Well, it may be snowing in the UK, but we’ve got one thing over Singapore. Their advertising. 1 out of 3 women over 35 will have problems conceiving, 2 out of 3 women over the age of 40 will not be able to conceive at all.  These facts are worth knowing if you want a family but leave it late – and education is obviously important.There’s nothing wrong with encouraging people to have babies early. But if you or your …Read More

Jesus Ruined My Life

By March 24, 2013 Blog

Christianity is not a crutch: it’s a cross. I believe this – but everything in me fights against it. When I first became a Christian, I anticipated inner peace, the gift of niceness and (if possible) a smokin’ hot boyfriend. Didn’t happen. Instead, Jesus lifted up the carpet, tore off the curtains and overturned me.  He took my life as it was, and He ruined it. I should have seen it coming. In the bible, Jesus is “the Stone” (Isaiah …Read More

Thumb Wars, What Are They Good For?

By March 22, 2013 Blog

If you can’t watch the video in your reader: link to Youtube video here. My 4Thought still hasn’t aired, but it is the most disliked video we can find on the site! Still, I think you’ll agree I’m taking it well…   Share…FacebookTwitterTumblrPinterestStumbleUponDiggemail

Tamarraw, tamarraw..

By March 21, 2013 Blog

Feeling somewhat ambivalent about the weekend. We have an appointment tomorrow with the fertility clinic.  When you hit 35 your chances of conceiving take a hit (and tomorrow is also my 35th birthday). I have decided to tackle this by writing a list of 35 things that are BRILLIANT about being 35. So far: 1. I have not been cut down in my prime. (But that reminds me that My Prime is Past.  And I didn’t know it was happening! …Read More