Losing A Child

By March 6, 2013 Blog

I’ve spent the afternoon with an incredible woman.  A woman who, fighting back tears, can still speak of hope and a faith that has been tested and tested and tested again. Here’s part of her story from the website Under The Rainbow:  a Christian resource for those who have lost a baby, are struggling with infertility or who are in the process of fostering or adoption. She writes: ‘We were fortunate to have two healthy children and we wanted to …Read More

Emotional Hide and Seek

By March 5, 2013 Blog

How do you handle negative feelings? 1. Hide them from others: play them down or deny them: ‘It’s nothing: I’m fine’. 2. Hide them from yourself: bury them somewhere in your mind so deep you (almost) forget they’re there 3. Intellectualise them: circle them with your big old brain, give them labels and talk about them like the sights in a foreign city 4. Play with them: approach them like a child, carry them round like a comfort blanket 5. …Read More

Keep Going

By March 4, 2013 Blog

Twelve months ago a friend of mine  took an overdose. In the weeks before, she wrote this: “I hate bulimia.I hate that it makes me do silly things like that. I hate that it makes me stick my fingers down my throat. I hate that it fools me into thinking I’m invincible. I hate that it fools me into thinking that even though chocolate rarely comes up, it definitely will this time.  IT WON’T. I hate that it leaves me …Read More

I Can Do It Myself

By March 3, 2013 Blog

Agony is watching someone struggle with the lid of a jar I know I can open. Every fibre screams ‘GIVE IT ME.   You’re doing it all wrong’. Doesn’t matter if they’re a weight-lifter or coached by ninjas in the art of unscrewing.  I’ll fix it and I’ll do it myself. This gentle reader, is the clarion call of my life. You get what you earn.  Nothing comes free. if you want a job done properly, do it yourself. I’d …Read More

Self-Harm Info

By March 1, 2013 Blog

Today is self-harm awareness day. Below I’ll lay out some of the facts and figures but before I do, let me make a plea: Self-harm is not someone else’s struggle.  It’s not a strange practice for the unhinged.  I say that because some seem baffled at self-injury and yet… it’s in us all. We might not pick up a blade or drink bleach but all of us know what it is to sabotage ourselves. Whether it’s eating that food we …Read More