Getting Help For An Eating Disorder:3

By April 30, 2013 Blog

Third in a series on what to expect from ED treatment, (see one and two). Inpatient Care When a person is “inpatient” it means that they will be living at the facility for a certain period of time. This can range from a few weeks to several months. Most will expect you to be medically stable before entering, so if your health is extremely poor, you may need hospitalization before admittance. By this stage, you’re past the point of recovering alone:  you …Read More

Getting Help For An Eating Disorder: 2

By April 29, 2013 Blog

The second of a series on what to expect if you ask for help for an eating disorder. First one here. Outpatient or Inpatient? Once you’ve had an initial assessment with your doctor, you may be referred to tertiary care, eg; a specialist ED unit, hospital or mental health unit. They usually organise a care plan for and with you – and will decide whether you qualify for inpatient or outpatient care. Inpatient care involves more intensive medical supervision, usually in …Read More

Getting Help For An Eating Disorder: 1

By April 26, 2013 Blog

‘No-one with an genuine eating disorder gets better on their own’. So says a friend of mine who works at an eating disorder unit. And I’m inclined to agree. Whether you opt for professional care or the support of friends, church and family (and in my view you need both) – you can’t do it alone. The nature of addiction is that you don’t always want to get help.  In all likelihood, it’s one of the most terrifying steps you will …Read More

Mr Mystery

By April 25, 2013 Blog

The Vader debate continues to set the free world alight.  Ladies, don’t deny it.  You totally Would*. But it does raise the question of why bad guys (and gals) are so attractive. Not properly bad of course.  Bad as in wears too much black, bit snippy, doesn’t tell you how much he misses his mum’s cooking or chuckle delightedly when he farts. One theory is the element of mystery. But I don’t buy it. Mysterious is not nasty – mysterious …Read More

Guilty Loves

By April 24, 2013 Blog

Me: I’m going to do a post about fancying Darth Vader. Glen: Do you fancy Darth Vader? Me: Of course. Glen: With or without helmet? Me:  Either. Both. I’m not head over heels. But he’s better than Luke. Glen: Skywalker? Me: The light side is just not attractive. Glen: Why did we get married? Me: It’s a total joke. Not us – the light side. Think of it from the woman’s perspective. Camping with ewoks. Dinner conversations about womp rats. …Read More

A Safe Space

By April 23, 2013 Blog

If you self-harm; it doesn’t mean you’re weird or disgusting or sick. It might mean you never learned how to deal with bad feelings. It might mean you’ve forgotten how to put those feelings into words. It might mean you’ve been listening to lies for a long time now. And maybe you think you can’t be accepted. It might mean you desperately want to be noticed. It might mean you want to hide. It might mean all of these things …Read More

The Unforgivable Sin

By April 22, 2013 Blog

Jesus tells us to forgive those who hurt and betray us – not just once, but over and over. Even in theory this strikes me as an act of madness. We’re no longer in the playground Lord. Some things can be forgiven. But this? The cheating. The porn addiction, every click a statement: You are not enough. The dark-eyed gambler, laughing and tossing away our future with his dice. The drinker who never stops… “but sweetheart, this one is the …Read More

Playing Doctor

By April 21, 2013 Blog

If you had a brain tumour that needed removing. Or a heart valve that was blocked.  Would you go to the doctor? Or, like me,  would you tackle it yourself? Seriously.   I’m not an idiot.  I don’t need some know-all surgeon, poking his trained nose where it’s not wanted. Charity? No thanks. No-one knows my body better than me. If it’s broke, I’ll fix it. I’ve seen the films. Heart: somewhere between kidney and intestine, right? How hard can it be? …Read More

Life’s Short

By April 19, 2013 Blog

Too short to: make small-talk with folks you don’t like run on a treadmill that takes you nowhere obsess about your curvy bits or bony bits or ET toes settle for a friendship/marriage where you don’t disturb each other pretend you’re okay when you’re really not pretend other people are okay when they’re really not get embarrassed about how  you worship.   If you want to put your hands in the air, do it. People will cope. worry about sell-by dates. …Read More

Conversational Death

By April 18, 2013 Blog

The scene: my local pharmacy. I’m in a queue of five people. Woman behind counter: ‘Shrev.  Shriv -Shrivens?’  Shakes head in disbelief. ‘Prescription for SHRIVERS’ I sidle towards the counter and apologise for my name. Woman: ‘Don’t worry, it’s not your fault’. (Looks through bag) Woman: ‘Are these for you?’ Me: ‘Yes’. Woman: ‘What are they for?’ Me: ‘Erm – they help me go to the loo’ Woman: ‘What do you mean?’ Me: ‘You don’t want to know’ Woman: (clearly …Read More