Days Like This

By June 28, 2013 Blog

Hi folks. Sorry for sporadic posting recently. It’s been a rough few weeks and (unusually for me!) I’ve run dry of words. We’ve been doing a modified version of IVF and it’s been a roller-coaster   (I hate roller-coasters.  They’re scary and they make me feel sick and even crazier than usual: which is saying something). Anyway. Thanks so much for your prayers – every stage went as well as it could have, up until yesterday, when I started bleeding. …Read More

The God of Small Things: repost

By June 27, 2013 Blog

If as a church, we don’t respond to brokenness and mess, then here’s what we’re preaching: ‘Our God is too small.  And your problems are too big’. Some of the most devastating words I’ve ever heard were when I was dying (quite literally) of anorexia and had been discharged from the NHS .  After months of searching, Glen and I found ourselves with a Christian counsellor of 30 years experience. His words? ‘I’m sorry, this is far too big for …Read More

Reposts and Recreation

By June 26, 2013 Blog

We’re on holiday for the next few days, so here’s a few from the archives.. I’ve been thinking a bit about the good girl/bad girl divide and this is something that Dan Allender explores in a fantastic book called ‘The Wounded Heart’.  The book has been written for survivors of sexual abuse, but has application for all areas of pastoral theology. Allender argues that survivors tend to fall into three types – ‘good girl, party girl and tough girl’, each with different strategies …Read More

Another Break-In

By June 24, 2013 Blog

Recently I’ve had the guest from hell.  Bloke by the name of Doubt. Big and mean and smells of smoke. Can’t keep his hands to himself, even though he knows I’m married. ‘You don’t belong with that Husband’ he says.  ‘You’re junk, like me’. I tell him where to go.  But even when I board up the doors, he seeks me out and breaks them down. At night I can hear him – scratching. Sometimes he retreats: but he rarely …Read More

What does salvation look like? Guest Post by Glen

By June 20, 2013 Blog

When I take funerals, I’ll occasionally say these words at the graveside – they’ve been made famous by the old Book of Common Prayer: Man that is born of a woman hath but a short time to live, and is full of misery. He cometh up, and is cut down, like a flower; he fleeth as it were a shadow, and never continueth in one stay. They are words from Job 14 communicating the brevity of life. We’re like cut …Read More

Friends Wanted

By June 19, 2013 Blog

Loneliness isn’t necessarily wanting company. It’s being with other people and feeling like you’re different.  You can laugh at the right moments and wear the right stuff, but you’re always out of step.  You know it and they know it and the harder you try, the worse it gets. You cackle and clap and blunder in and withdraw, all the time praying:  ‘Like me dammit, LIKE ME’. I know a guy who grew up with hearing difficulties and as a …Read More

View from the Deck

By June 18, 2013 Blog

I’m sitting on the floor of the kitchen, eyeballing the tiles.  Can’t even remember why I came down here.  Something to do with floor cleaner.  Don’t worry – it’s quite pleasant.  No floor cleaning is happening. But the view is  illuminating. For starters, the bottom of my cupboards are covered in brown stuff. There’s a sock under the fridge. And a spider across the way who looks a bit freaked out.  Hello my hairy friend.  I mean you no harm. …Read More

Non-Consenting Adult

By June 17, 2013 Blog

I look in the mirror and there are wrinkles round my eyes.  I can’t bend down without seeing what else needs doing. I store plastic bags and have clipped an article entitled ’40 ways with bicarbonate of soda.’ I get crabby when people do my jigsaw and I’ve started admiring Angela (‘Murder She Wrote’) Lansbury’s twinsets. I’m a grown woman. But inside – I’m little. I’d like to fold my arms over my head and climb into the wardrobe. I’d …Read More

Change Your Hair: Change Your Life

By June 14, 2013 Blog

Dear Cosmogue, For the last few months I’ve read with interest your features on celebrities losing weight, making-over my home and starting my own cupcake business. For the first time, I feel ready to Enjoy My Best Life Now: I’ve spent too long without your revolutionary new nano-serum; but you persisted, even overlooking my non-directional haircut. Thank-you. Hearing about why Mylene no longer struggles with split ends, I’ve started to reassess my priorities.  All these years I’ve been focused on …Read More

The F Word [Guest Post by Glen]

By June 13, 2013 Blog

The Christian life is all about ‘having faith’, right? That seems pretty basic.  After all… God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son so that the very least you can do is drum up some kind of belief in return. That’s Christianity 101, isn’t it?  We’re saved by faith – which means we’re given something called “salvation” (or “a relationship with God”) when we offer up something called “trust”.  God’s job is giving us a raft of …Read More