Fixing It With Food

By July 31, 2013 Blog

What does biblical eating look like? Is it ‘the Daniel diet?’ (Vegetarianism with God’s blessing). Perhaps it’s the Eden diet or the Maker’s diet. (I’d love to say I’ve made these up, but no.  Christians are suckers too). This gets me thinking. Water into wine.  Surely Ribena would be a healthier choice?  Sugar-free, of course. Or John the Baptist.  Locust and honey does not a balanced diet make. Perhaps angels brought him supplements.  We could go on. Jeremiah.  Naturally grumpy…or …Read More

Ungrateful Owners

By July 29, 2013 Blog

Paws and I have been debating.  She says I think too much: but I can’t help it. I’m smart: always have been.  But this time the Hairless One’s gone too far. Poking his nose in my business. Changing things when they’re just how I like. 8am He feeds us. Then again at 6. Thick and meaty – with a nice jelly jus. We used to have great times knocking the bowl over, but He changed it and now we can’t. …Read More

Happy Clappy?

By July 25, 2013 Blog

Guest post from Glen.. I’ve heard it from a few people now… stories of depressed friends going to their GP and at some stage being asked, “Are you, by any chance, an evangelical Christian?” Have you heard similar tales? I’m not sure whether we’ve ended up on any official lists of “predisposing factors” but it certainly makes you think. So let’s ask a tough question: Is there anything about evangelicalism (as opposed to other kinds of Christianity) that makes depression even harder? …Read More

Stop Press

By July 24, 2013 Blog

Every year my mum gets me a magazine subscription. I try and weed out the body fascists and celebrity dribble.  This leaves me with Conde Nast Traveller,  The People’s Friend, Angler’s Monthly or something featuring ‘Real Women’.  The current edition has  recipes (featuring ‘store-cupboard basics’ like pomegranate seeds, black molasses and quinoa), life-affirming stories, (usually someone starting a cupcake business), Royal Baby News, a craft section (always involves spray-painting leaves) and a pull-out, which this month is: 101 uses for …Read More


By July 23, 2013 Blog

Our culture tells us that emaciated is beautiful.  You can never be too thin, right? So we’d expect it to celebrate someone like  Lizzie Velasquez: born with a rare disease that makes it impossible for her to gain weight. Not so. As an eleven year-old girl, she stumbled upon an image on the web that looked like her. It was her. And it had a caption: ‘the ugliest woman on the internet’. Stunned, she scrolled down. The image had been …Read More

Every Step We Take

By July 22, 2013 Blog

My folks aren’t Christians and in God’s absence, Santa Claus sometimes stood in.  Worn down by eleven months of sibling squabbles, come December my parents invoked the Bearded Enforcer.  ‘If you’re not good’ they said, ‘Santa won’t come’.  Sleeping or awake, we were reminded, ‘Santa sees’. Well, I didn’t want him Seeing: especially as he held the keys to Barbie’s Dream Castle. I can’t confirm the beard, but Scripture reminds us that God too sees us wherever we are.  For years I’ve …Read More


By July 19, 2013 Blog

There are two columnists I’m always fascinated to read:  Caitlin Moran and Liz Jones.  Moran is a relentlessly positive, kick-ass feminist, with a filthy sense of humour, an army of friends and an infectious passion for life.  Jones is a self-confessed misanthrope, lonely, anorexic and obsessed with comparisons. Moran grew up in Wolverhampton and writes for The Times.  Jones (who was editor of Vogue), grew up in Rettenden and writes for The Daily Mail. They talk about similar issues: identity, …Read More

Apples Aren’t The Only Fruit

By July 18, 2013 Blog

Just wondering: 1. Have wild horses stopped anyone, ever, from doing something? 2. Why do sleeping dogs get to lie? What about cats who’ve worked the night shift? Or hamsters, knackered after endless circuits on those bloomin’ wheels? Similarly, spring chickens.  What if you’re an autumn turkey?  You might as well be dead. 3. Have you ever been touched by a barge-pole – let alone touched anything with it? 4. If he really is the last bloke on earth, you’re …Read More

I Want What He’s Got

By July 17, 2013 Blog

Yesterday’s existential crisis was provoked by a carrier bag.  Fear not, I’m a warrior and in my usual stoic fashion, am powering through.  But today I have a fresh angle. To recap: I’ve been sent a lovely, thoughtful pressie from my brother. He (well his fiance), had to pick it, wrap it and post it.  I’ll just underline the point: A Gift. From My Brother. So – how did I respond? By cracking out the bunting and celebrating his thoughtfulness?  No …Read More

That’s Not My Name

By July 16, 2013 Blog

This morning I got a  present from my brother and soon to be sister-in-law, (woopwoop!) It’s a little bag with a personalised case.  On the cover they write your name, with an explanation of its meaning. So if I was called Michael it would be: ‘Noble Warrior’.  Or if I was a Jenny, it would be ‘Giver of Hope’. My parents planned to call me Matthew, but it didn’t work out.  Which means there’s no wriggling away from ‘Emma’.This is …Read More