This Life

By September 17, 2013 Blog

Is Anyone out there NOT Pregnant? ANYONE?? I jest.  (hahahaha).  But seriously. STOP.  HAVING.  BABIES. At least until I get one. Or shave the cat and stick her in a pram. It’s an epidemic.  My parents have just been to visit and when mum said she’d something to tell me (new brand of loo cleaner), my stomach lurched. Thankfully, no.  The world has more than enough Sloans already, (and if they’d asked my advice (as firstborn), I’d have stopped at …Read More

Everyday Secrets

By September 16, 2013 Blog

when you’re in the supermarket, joking with the cashier or chatting in the playground. when you’re making small-talk at church lunch or having a pint with some mates when you’re preaching to your congregation or arguing with your partner remember this is what is underneath:   ‘I’ve never had a boyfriend because I don’t believe anyone would love me.’ ‘My friends think I stopped cutting last year.  I didn’t…I just got better at hiding it’ ‘I hate watching porn because …Read More

Wonky but Wonderfully Loved

By September 12, 2013 Blog

The good thing about being an adult, is you can do what you like. Hide under a table and pretend you’re a jungle wife. Eat ketchup with your muesli.  Not call your mother. Tell the Starbucks barista your name is ‘Regina Shufflebottom’. Teach small children to stick their tongues out and feign disgust when their parents clock ‘em. Barring families, tax returns, royal mail, repairmen and The Law –  all of us can live the dream. We can be anyone …Read More

Help: My Child Has An Eating Disorder

By September 11, 2013 Blog

You suspect your child may have an eating disorder.  What now? First, don’t panic. There’s a difference between picky eating and an eating disorder:  many children have phases where mealtimes are tricky so it might be nothing. (See here for possible signs). Most kids who develop anorexia do so between the ages of 11 and 14 (although it can start as early as age 6), and there are many reasons why. However, go with your guts. If you suspect something is wrong, talk to …Read More

Misery, Meds and the Messiah

By September 10, 2013 Blog

There’s not much to say about depression except this: it’s really crap. No sudden flashes of genius or moments of clarity. No deeper understanding of the human psyche or renewed faith in the little things. People are lifelines. They help keep you alive. But it doesn’t mean you feel it. And when you’ve Not Felt It for a while, you get awfully tired. At times like this, I’m all for pharmaceuticals. Meds are rarely the answer – but in my …Read More

First Steps

By September 9, 2013 Blog

I’ve been reading the incredible story of Sunny Jacobs and her husband, Peter Pringle.  (Full Guardian interview here) Between them they have served 32 years in prison: both for crimes they didn’t commit. Sunny was 28 when she, her two children and boyfriend Jesse, accepted a lift from Walter Rhodes, a man she thought she knew. She fell asleep in the car and awoke to the sound of gunfire: a policeman had knocked on the window and Rhodes opened fire. …Read More

The Impossible Truth

By September 5, 2013 Blog

You don’t have to be an addict to have a relapse. And you don’t need to hit rock bottom before making a new start. Today is that start.  Not this morning.  Not last night.  Right now. Everything can be different. Easy words. Cheap. Perhaps you’ve heard them all before. You can be everything you want to be.   Nothing to fear but fear itself.  Save them for a greeting card, Emma.  You know nothing of who I am or where …Read More

Quiet Time

By September 4, 2013 Blog

Stop. Close the door. Take off your shoes.  Let out your breath: and rest now with me. I’m always with you.   I know every detail of your life. But I love to hear your voice.  I love to sit with you. I look at you and I am filled with joy. Lean back.  There’s no-where else you should be.   And there’s nothing else you need to do. Tell me about your day.  Where you went, who you saw. …Read More

Lessons from Glamogue

By September 3, 2013 Blog

1.   If you don’t remove your make-up – every single day – your face will fall in.  Forget stained pillows and dehydrated eyelashes. You’ll look ninety when you’re twenty-three. Men will spit at you in the street.  And butterflies will die. 2. There are men who don’t moisturise. Gobsmacking, I know.  Every day I thank Garnier for providing Glen with serum. 3. Naturally straight hair = unacceptable.  Hair straightened by GHD = beautiful. 4. Back-stabbing, man-stealing, cat-binning best friends are …Read More

Under Construction

By September 2, 2013 Blog

My Granda Black was a wood polisher by trade. He never said much, (there was no air space after Granny).  But I’d sit with him for hours, watching as he loosened the tight grains: sanding and smoothing, stroking shapes from stubborn sandlewood, mahogany and teak. You don’t hear so much about french polishers these days.  It takes a long period of time: sanding and buffing; applying layers and layers of polish using very specific rubbing motions;   built up in …Read More