How To Win An Argument

By January 5, 2014 Blog

Along with being anxious, I’ve got a gift for being defensive.   You should try it. With a bit of practice, it’s remarkably easy to take everything personally. And if you’re really focused, you can jump to the worst conclusions in a matter of seconds. Here’s some things that help: 1.  Come out with all your guns blazing.  Do not listen.  Do not allow for explanations.  Think of every time this person has slighted you in the past. If you …Read More

Greater Still

By January 3, 2014 Blog

Can you have a soft spot for the apocalypse? Well, too late. Revelation: I love it. Fire and thunder and beauty and Jesus! roaring from every page. No matter how bad things on earth feel (and let’s face it, January can be a beast), this blows the roof off. Like Lord of the Rings at the cinema – except it’s all true. And somehow, our lives – the routines and the prayers and the chores and the conversations – are …Read More

Losing My Resolve

By January 2, 2014 Blog

I’ve decided that resolutions are actually evil.  Not just misguided.  Not just a waste of effort.  Positively, pulsatingly bad. I don’t say this lightly.  I LOVE resolving. Everything in me wants to take charge and improve myself.    I grade my days and I grade my life. Lists of stuff I’ve done and stuff I stuffed up.   B-. C+. Must.  Try. Harder. Drink less coffee.  Floss. Be Better. But what does ‘better’ even mean? Better looking? Better feeling? Better compared to …Read More