Scrambled Eggs

By September 2, 2014 Blog

Today has been an Anxious day.  My brain is the consistency of soggy Weetabix and even the littlest things have seemed a bit much. Someone knocked over my coffee and I jumped half a foot. My eggs exploded in the microwave. The washing-line collapsed: and me along with it. None of this matters.  In fact, there’s more here to be thankful for than worried about. (Coffee! Scrambled eggs! Microwaves! Clean washing! BRILLIANT) But – underneath are the things that do matter.  The Real Worries. …Read More

Your Appreciation Is Not Appreciated

By September 1, 2014 Blog

A few years ago, I was given a book, ‘How to Give and Receive Encouragement’, (Yes, I needed it).  To begin with, it seemed like a foreign language. After all, I grew up thinking that “getting a big head” was pretty much the worst that could happen. Therefore the aim of social interaction was to keep both myself and others squashed – humble.  This applied especially to the people I loved most. After all, if being proud is the greatest sin, then the greatest kindness is to take ’em …Read More