The Spring of 2020

By June 26, 2020 Blog

by Glen “We’ve actually had a really encouraging Springtime,” he said. My friend said this back at the beginning of June and, while the sentence made perfect sense, grammatically, the meaning was totally lost on me. I had to interrupt. “Sorry, did you just call it Springtime?” Growing up in the southern hemisphere I sometimes have to stop and think a bit about seasons, the way our 5 year old makes an L with her thumb and forefinger to figure …Read More

Our Father

By June 4, 2020 Blog

Recently, we celebrated the first anniversary of our son coming to join our family. It was a special day, punctuated with cake, bubbles and thankfulness. It also encouraged me to think a little more about what it means for God to have adopted us into His Family. Here’s a few reasons for us all to celebrate! Adoption is grace.Our adoption into God’s family isn’t about anything we do – it’s based on His incredible love and grace. God chose us, …Read More