How To Win An Argument

By January 5, 2014 Blog

Along with being anxious, I’ve got a gift for being defensive.   You should try it. With a bit of practice, it’s remarkably easy to take everything personally. And if you’re really focused, you can jump to the worst conclusions in a matter of seconds. Here’s some things that help: 1.  Come out with all your guns blazing.  Do not listen.  Do not allow for explanations.  Think of every time this person has slighted you in the past. If you …Read More

Fighting Dirty

By April 23, 2012 Blog

What’s your argument style? I’m a rhino-ostrich.  Attack! – then retreat.  Take THAT! and that! and That!  And now… I’m going to run and hide, before you have the chance to respond. Glen on the other hand, is a terrier.  He’ll sink his teeth into the argument and shake it from every angle.  He’ll sniff it and roll it and chew it and then come back to it, until it’s eyeless and legless and quivering in a  tiny knot of …Read More