Body Beautiful

By May 3, 2012 Uncategorized

Is it just me or is going to the hairdressers a bit like medieval torture? An hour spent trying to avoid your own reflection. Sixty minutes fielding questions about your Holiday Plans/Boyfriend/Job/Exotic sex life. (I HAVE NONE OF THESE. NOW DROP IT) A pumping soundtrack.  That you don’t recognise because Yes, You are Old. And No, they won’t switch it to Classic FM. Plus, worst of all… Enough celebrity magazines to sink an ocean liner (along with your self-esteem).   …Read More

Because She’s Worth It

By June 13, 2011 Blog, identity

Of course, the big news this week has nothing to do with Syria or the NHS.  It’s this: Liz Jones (columnist), has ‘finally got the face I’ve always deserved’.  A bargain too, at only £13,145 (and yes, that’s a comma in the middle, not a dot). Here’s what she got for her money: Botox Excess under-eye fat cut away and skin tightened Light treatment on cheeks and nose Three syringes of ‘filler’ to plump up mouth Own blood injected in …Read More

Bonkers ‘Beauty’

By May 4, 2011 Blog

Fish pedicures. Apparently these have been taking the nation by storm. Not in Eastbourne, they’re not, but maybe that’s just us. Here’s the spec – you put your feet into a tank of fish and they chew off the dead skin. Nice. Skin creams using placentas. Nothing like bovine womb scrapings to boost collagen levels, right girls? Forget your kidneys – for a real detox, try leeching (As recommended by Demi Moore) Bird poo face masks, aka ‘traditional Japanese Geisha …Read More

What Men Want

By March 22, 2011 Blog

It’s Glen here.  I’ve wrested the keyboard from Emma for this one. Recently I’ve heard of worrying numbers of Christian women speaking furtively, fleetingly, but no less seriously about plastic surgery – botox, lipo, boob jobs, face lifts. Let me speak on behalf of 3 billion members of the human race.  Stop.  Cease.  Desist.   And not because blokes don’t care about physical attraction.  Of course we do.  Stop because you’re fueling the ugliest thing in the world – insecurity. And …Read More

Hot or Not?

By March 20, 2011 Blog

It’s almost enough to make you cancel your subscription to Vanity Fair. Not only do attractive people get the best partners and shoes,  they’re also given the biggest breaks. Surveys by Castelloe, Wuensch and Moore (1991) and Downs and Lyons (1990) found that better looking people get preferential treatment in court, shorter sentences and shorter fines. A study of damages awarded in a staged negligence trial (Kulker and Kessler, 1978), found that when the victim was better-looking than the defendant, …Read More

Man Wars

By February 5, 2011 Blog

According to a survey carried out by Harper’s Bazaar (Jan/Feb 2011), 72 per cent of us are more likely to lose weight to avoid being judged by women, than to impress a man. We also eat fewer calories when with a man, but when we eat with women we can double our intake, spurred on by ‘I will if you will’ collective behaviour. Scientists say that what’s at work is an ‘adaptive evolutionary mechanism’.  Women are biologically programmed to measure …Read More

The Price of Perfection

By January 25, 2011 Blog

Women who undergo plastic surgery have a much higher risk of killing themselves, say experts in the journal, Current Psychiatry Reports. Cosmetic surgery patients also had a three-times higher rate of death due to self-harming acts, such as binge-drinking, drug overdoses and reckless driving. Their conclusions were based on five large-scale, independent studies, which found that the suicide rate is up to three times higher in women who have had breast implants. Another report published in the journal Plastic and …Read More