The time is now

By January 9, 2018 Blog

Forget January 1st.  For the Christian, every day, every moment is a brand new start. It’s a new start that’s the opposite of all the others. Not, ‘I must change if I want to be loved’.  Turn it around. ‘I am already loved. The new is now.’ It’s not that you don’t feel scared. Or sad. Or angry or lonely or anxious. You can still feel these things and more; but God in you is greater. And here’s something wonderful: …Read More

Wrongful Conviction

By January 25, 2016 Blog

The accuser versus the Comforter;   One condemns, the other convicts. One paralyses, the other empowers. One leads to self-hatred, the other to Jesus. One is soft and cruel, the other is gentle but firm. One says look to yourself, the other says look to Him. One says “you can’t make it better – so give up and despair.” The other says “you can’t make it better – and this is your hope.” One says “everything is bad and you cannot escape.” The other …Read More

Where’s the KaBOOM?

By December 9, 2014 Blog

What would you like God to change about you? My list is a mile long. But especially at this time of year, I’d love to be the sort of woman who radiates calm hospitality. Who’s able to focus on her guests and remember what’s in the oven.  Who cares more about folks relaxing than whether she’s toilet-ducked the bathroom.  And who dances on tables at midnight (to Arcade Fire), rather than turning into a pumpkin after nine pm (to Classic FM). I’m still awaiting …Read More

Blessed are the Flexible

By November 18, 2014 Blog

How do you feel about change? I’m not a fan.  In fact, I hate it. I hate change. But it loves me. I can’t avoid it.  Though believe me, I’ve tried. I tried it with anorexia – trying to stop time.  I tried it with OCD – trying to control my environment. I tried it with academia – sentences like fences, walling me in.  Safety in books. But loneliness too. So I tried it with relationships – the loved ones who swore they’d …Read More

A Kiss, Not A Fist

By July 5, 2012 Blog

I read this today and it was like taking a long cold drink on a boiling hot day. It’s Paul, writing to the Corinthian church and telling them how to treat those who have really messed-up. ‘When people sin you should… … … denounce them from the pulpit? talk about them in whispers, ‘just for prayer?’ ignore them give them Meaningful Looks. IKNOWWHATYOUDIDYOURAT. think about what they did until you get really really angry and then go for a run. …Read More

Beyond Body Mass

By March 26, 2012 Blog

Thanks  to everyone who’s shared their wisdom and experiences on eating disorders.  We’re  running the training evenings tomorrow and Thursday evening and I’m feeling a bit nervous. I guess it’s one thing telling your own story, but another to suggest ways of helping other people. If you have any spare prayers, I would really appreciate them. The more I speak with other sufferers and reflect on my own experiences, the more convinced I become that true recovery relies upon Christ. …Read More


By February 7, 2012 Blog, identity

I’m still thinking about what it means to change – and how that comes about. I don’t like change – whether it’s a new environment or a different brand of tea. I like to know where I stand – or at least, that’s one of the ways I justify staying in the same place.  Here’s another: I’m just born this way. Or this: I can’t change the habits of a lifetime. Sometimes these act as smokescreens for  less palatable truths. …Read More


By February 6, 2012 Blog, identity

Changed lifestyle                                                      vs                                                 Changed life working harder                                               …Read More

I’ll Take Failure, Ta

By January 4, 2012 Blog

January seems to have triggered an existential CRISIS. A whole hoopla-diddley of ‘what’sitallabout-itis’. Except that January’s a month, not an evil assassin. And I  can’t really play the blame game with a calendar.  Which leaves two stooges – me or God. So who’s the bad guy? I’m loathe to publicly blame God for anything (although privately and unconsciously, this is something I do all too often).Plus, I have a sneaking suspicion that Jesus is still seated on the throne and upholding …Read More


By January 2, 2012 Blog

How do people change? I don’t have a neat answer, but it’s a stonking question. I know the perameters of the answer and that’s ‘the gospel’.  But in the same way as ‘Jesus’ tends to be a pretty good bet if you’re asked something in Sunday school – it needs unpacking. Specifically- how do you get the gospel from your head to your heart? What I mean is this: if I say  I ‘know’ a lot of truths – but …Read More