Helping those who grieve

By April 18, 2017 Blog

let them choose how they want to express it. If they want to talk and talk and talk; fine. If they don’t want to; or need to try and move on, then that’s fine too. They have no control over losing their loved one; so let them handle this the way they need. don’t pretend it hasn’t happened. You don’t have to have perfect words; or even good ones. But acknowledge their loss and their pain. Speak to them if …Read More

Christmas in the Valley

By December 10, 2014 Blog

Christmas is the time to be merry. Count your blessings. Sing carols, eat pies and banish darkness. But what if you’re not feeling it?  What if you’re depressed?  Or lonely? Overwhelmed by the prospect of another week, let alone year? What if you’re grieving the loss of a loved one or coming to terms with sickness? Dreading the prospect of time with family? Or far from those you long to have near? What does Christmas say to these people?  What does Christmas …Read More

Every Step We Take

By July 22, 2013 Blog

My folks aren’t Christians and in God’s absence, Santa Claus sometimes stood in.  Worn down by eleven months of sibling squabbles, come December my parents invoked the Bearded Enforcer.  ‘If you’re not good’ they said, ‘Santa won’t come’.  Sleeping or awake, we were reminded, ‘Santa sees’. Well, I didn’t want him Seeing: especially as he held the keys to Barbie’s Dream Castle. I can’t confirm the beard, but Scripture reminds us that God too sees us wherever we are.  For years I’ve …Read More