Myth and Reality

By February 23, 2015 Blog

The myth of depression: I’m not sick, just lazy.  I am weak and sad and pathetic. This is all my fault. People would be better off without me.  I’m a burden and a waste of space.  I don’t feel like God’s there – so either He isn’t, or He doesn’t want me. I’m a terrible Christian and a terrible person. Nothing will ever change. No-one understands. The reality of depression: I have a sickness called depression. I feel weak and …Read More

New Year, New You?

By December 29, 2014 Blog

Made any NY resolutions?  Here’s some reasons I’m not a huge fan: 1. It’s January.  The worst possible month to set yourself new challenges.  Focus instead on breathing, staying warm and digestion.  If you really must, then December 28 is an excellent day for Life Change – and – goodness me, it’s a whole year away. 2. You don’t need a guilt-inducing list or a chorus of Auld Lang Sang to make change possible.  You’ve got the Holy Spirit, which means that every day a new …Read More

Words of Life

By December 23, 2014 Blog

From Nehemiah 9:   You alone are the Lord You give me life. By day you lead me and by night, you give me light. You give me heavenly bread for my hunger You give me water for my thirst You forgive me You are gracious to me You show me compassion You are slow to get angry with me You show me abundant love. You hear me You rescue me You deliver me. You will not desert me You …Read More

True Story

By December 14, 2014 Blog

Dad and I are chatting about the new Lord of the Rings film. “Load of old nonsense” he says. “Hobbits. Elves.  Talking trees. Fairy tales for kids.” “Dad,” I say. “You love it! You’ve got Game on Thrones on box set. That’s hardly real life either.” He snorts.  “Yes. But I don’t really believe it.  Some people believe it.” The conversation turned to orcs and banana bread, before I had the chance to respond. But thinking it through, I don’t agree. I think …Read More

Doctor’s Orders

By December 11, 2014 Blog

Last night I woke myself up by hitting my elbow against the bed frame, (In my dreams I was painting a wall and it was a very tricky section). After the wall, I had presents to wrap and a book to write, (note the order of priority – not good). And this was while I was “resting.” Like many folks, I’ve got two switches: turbo-charged and out-of-order. This is not conducive to long life, marriage or good mental health. So I’ve written myself …Read More

Cosmetic Surgery and the Christian

By December 8, 2014 Blog

I recently received an email from a lady, (Christian), who is considering having cosmetic surgery. She’s asked for my advice, so I’ve been trying to think it through. There are lots of bits of me I’d have like to had altered. I think that’s true for many of us. But as a Christian, I always felt like I couldn’t afford or justify it – at least, not on purely cosmetic grounds. My eating disorder did a similar job and far more damage, …Read More

Diamonds that Deliver

By December 7, 2014 Blog

Waddling through the shops, I’m struck by the different kinds of happiness that are being sold. the ideal relationship (jewellers, perfumers. Now think how half of all UK women feel who are single, having never married) body beautiful (sports shops, health foods, the scary witches ladies in Boots who try to make you buy potions serum) family bliss (pretty much everywhere. We don’t, for example, see ads of happy singles chowing down on champers and opening the jewellery they quite rightly …Read More

Meaningless Motivations

By December 1, 2014 Blog

There have got to be better ways of motivating yourself than wall hangings and Disney quotes. Most of ’em make me want to trample on fairy wings. Plus, they don’t make sense. I give you; Be Bold.  Be Brave.  Be You. I can do the third one. But I don’t see how it’s linked to the first two. You’re the One who Can Fill The World with Sunshine. On a typical morning, I struggle to fill my coffee cup. Choose A Life Less Ordinary.  1.I like …Read More

The God who Gives

By November 27, 2014 Blog

Hands up out there if you’re a Hoarder. You know what I’m talking about. Hanging onto things (sometimes everythings) a little too long. Buying more of exactly the same stuff (in case the world runs out).  Stockpiling – dvds or nappies or toilet rolls or the stinky cheese from Poundland that always gets snapped up. It’s definitely in me. I’m better than I was, (Exhibit A: mountains of unworn Oxfam clothes, now bagged up and repatriated). But only slightly. Pull open the cupboards and you’ll see …Read More

Parenting Porkies

By November 25, 2014 Blog

At this stage in pregnancy, I’m thinking less of perfect parenting than damage limitation. I keep telling Glen, he’s got to be normal enough for us both. Nonetheless, I’ve been doing a bit of market research on the parenting business – and I’m struck by how fraught with guilt it can easily become. Breast-feeding (Because “Mother Nature” knows best and anything else is short-changing your child) versus Bottle (Because Mummy needs flexibility and Daddy must pull his weight too) Disposable nappies versus …Read More