Scary Tales

By May 18, 2012 Blog

Glen’s away at the moment, so I’m seeking solace in the arms of another man.  He’s called Mr Hesse and I picked him up in the library. Herman’s not here in person, but he wrote some stonking fairy stories. Proper ones: with giants and goblins and elves and all the rest. I can hardly put ’em down. All of life is here. Unrequited love. Family feuds. Friendships and quarrels.   Anger and malice and grief and greed. The beauty who can’t …Read More

Body Beautiful

By May 3, 2012 Uncategorized

Is it just me or is going to the hairdressers a bit like medieval torture? An hour spent trying to avoid your own reflection. Sixty minutes fielding questions about your Holiday Plans/Boyfriend/Job/Exotic sex life. (I HAVE NONE OF THESE. NOW DROP IT) A pumping soundtrack.  That you don’t recognise because Yes, You are Old. And No, they won’t switch it to Classic FM. Plus, worst of all… Enough celebrity magazines to sink an ocean liner (along with your self-esteem).   …Read More

We Need To Talk About Heaven

By April 17, 2012 Blog, identity

I like to think of myself as a bit of a ‘kooky’ believer.  A little too edgy for Church. Zany! A bit of a rebel – and way too cool for that dogma stuff. Not for me the mainstream precepts.  Get this – I listen to non-Christian bands.  Doctrine? That’s ole’ school, man.  Get with the beat, baggy. Doctrine’s for sad old has-beens. Of course, this is nonsense.  For starters, I’m as edgy as my Dad’s golf socks.  It’s tempting …Read More

BEST Movie Cliches.

By April 12, 2012 Blog

cop who doesn’t do things by the book, but dammit he gets results ignorant superior officer OR Chief who wants top cops off the case ponytail = bad guy men in tight t-shirts running through sprinklers, (ok, this doesn’t really happen but if it did…) hero carries exact taxi fare.  Taxi driver wears floral shirt, is saving for dream home and has a nagging wife. German terrorists let me tell you my evil plan and then fail to kill you …Read More

Freedom – Guest Post

By March 28, 2012 Blog, identity

It might be surprising to know, but I was a pastor in a church for almost 5 years and I have to say, today, I have never felt spiritually lower. I’m not having a crisis of faith. I know Jesus is Lord, I know Jesus is the Son of God; I can declare loudly that he is coming and he is King. But he has become more of an acquaintance than a friend. I think that has happened because I …Read More

Step Away from the Mobile

By March 1, 2012 Uncategorized

It’s traditional at Lent to give something up.  I haven’t done this – but have been thinking about the things in my life that overstep their boundaries. Top of the list is my mobile phone.  I panic when we’re separated. At night, I stroke it and fall asleep bathed in its warm neon glow.  It’s the first face that greets me in the morning, with a cheery puuuurrrrrrrrt puuuurrrrrrrrrrt and throughout the day, it flashes me reassurance – I’m loved, …Read More


By February 1, 2012 Blog

I’ve been thinking a little bit about the significance of food. It is after all, is a sacrament of every society.  It is its own language – a metaphor for everything from authority to love. It’s an act of defiance, a past-time, a comfort, a marker of status and identity. All the major passages of our lives – from weddings to wakes, are punctuated by feasting and fasting. For our ancestors, life was shaped and determined by the search for …Read More

Love Rats

By December 1, 2011 Blog

I read a comment recently from actress Rachel Weizs on the subject of love.  She said this: ‘You can’t help who you fall in love with.  It just happens’. I’m afraid I disagree. ‘Love’ is not a silent assassin that sneaks up beneath you, brandishes a pistol and marches you off at gunpoint. It’s not a force that sweeps you off your feet, regardless of existing commitments. Love is more like a series of little decisions, most of which start …Read More

Gloriously Out of Control

By November 28, 2011 Blog

Apparently the most popular song choice for funerals, is ‘My Way’ by Sinatra. In many ways, I can’t think of anything more tragic or appropriate – but not necessarily for the reasons you might think. Yes, it’s a powerful song and yes, the words are striking. But for me at least, it’s the power that accompanies exposure.  The jolt of familiarity as I’m struck by the pride and selfishness of my own heart.  And an unwavering insistence on doing it …Read More

Women’s Writes

By August 26, 2011 Blog, identity

Katie Price is to launch her own magazine.  I’m not sure I’ll be racing out to buy it, but it has got me thinking about what makes a good woman’s glossy  – and if I were to design one, what I’d put in it. In her book, ‘Forever Feminine: Women’s Magazines and the Cult of Femininity‘,  Marjorie Ferguson argues that women’s magazines don’t just reflect, but also define the female role in society. They do so, she claims, in a …Read More