Fixing It With Food

By July 31, 2013 Blog

What does biblical eating look like? Is it ‘the Daniel diet?’ (Vegetarianism with God’s blessing). Perhaps it’s the Eden diet or the Maker’s diet. (I’d love to say I’ve made these up, but no.  Christians are suckers too). This gets me thinking. Water into wine.  Surely Ribena would be a healthier choice?  Sugar-free, of course. Or John the Baptist.  Locust and honey does not a balanced diet make. Perhaps angels brought him supplements.  We could go on. Jeremiah.  Naturally grumpy…or …Read More

A Diet for Disaster

By January 20, 2013 Blog

January it seems, is the month of the Diet.  And not just any old diet – this year, (as with every year), it’s something Radical and Exciting that will Change Your Life.  From Dukan to Atkins – you can eat anything…as long as it’s blue and contains the letter z! Knock yourself out  with a mountain of raw zucchini. Diets are especially appealing to a certain kind of person.  Perfectionists. Those with low self-esteem, who long for a programme that promises self-worth. Those who …Read More

The Deliverance Diet

By February 29, 2012 Blog, identity

Are diets really a modern phenomenon? Or just an age-old expression of our need to worship -whether at the supermarket or the mirror? In her book, ‘Calories and Corsets’ Louise Foxcroft argues that ‘contemporary’ diets such as Atkins, are nothing of the kind.  She gives the example of the Hay diet, which was popular at the start of the early 20thc.  Given a few tweaks, this became the Beverly Hills diet of the 1980s.  Similarly, Atkins has been given a …Read More