The Gift of Failure

By March 2, 2015 Blog

It’s funny how success is seen as the route to happiness.  In my experience, it’s the opposite.  Striving for something you can’t achieve – being (the most) beautiful (the most) entertaining (the most) intelligent the fittest the richest the thinnest the most popular – but always The Most – doesn’t make you happy; it makes you miserable – and grumpy, to boot. That’s the problem with success – it’s usually a competition.  “Good” doesn’t cut it –  you need to be Best. Which for 99.9999 per cent …Read More

Grace and Failure

By December 21, 2014 Blog

I think in grids.  Lists.  Deadlines.  Monochromes. Good – or bad.  Worthwhile – or useless. Perfect – or pathetic. This works well in the Maths classroom.  But not in life. I cannot be perfect.  I can do my best – and that’s a lot.  But it’s not the same thing. It’s not what God wants for me.  It’s not what I want for myself.  Or my marriage.  Or my child. It’s bad enough when it’s just me. But when it’s someone …Read More

Guest Post: Failed, Fruitless, Fed up

By April 11, 2013 Blog

Guest post from Glen.. If Jesus ever caught up with you, what do you think He’d say? Imagine that you haven’t led the purest life in the world. Imagine, for a second, that you have sins in your life. And they’re not just a part of your past, they’re a part of your present.  You haven’t been the perfect father, mother, son, daughter, friend, employer, employee, citizen, Christian. You’ve failed. But you’re not just failed, you’re also fruitless… not  fulfilling …Read More

On Failure

By April 3, 2013 Blog

What does ‘failure’ look like? A missed deadline? The end of a relationship? Financial worries? Something else? I failed. ‘Fact’. Clear-cut and controlled.  Cause and effect. I did X and the outcome was Y. But facts are slippery little beasties:  circumstance and decision; a million motives and intentions, all of ’em mixed. Plus, I get confused between feelings and facts.  I feel rubbish, so I am rubbish. I did rubbish, so I must be rubbish. Right? And when you fail, …Read More

Good Enough Never Is

By July 18, 2012 Blog, identity

If Perfectionism were a person, I’d slap her.  I’d flush her head down the toilet and muss up her hair and squirt ketchup in her eyes.  I’d scuff her shoes and force  her to return  her library books late. I’d make her walk on cracks and eat spaghetti with her fingers and colour outside the lines until she finally promised to Just Stop Trying. To Get It Wrong.  And to stop ruining my life. Ms P and I have grown …Read More

I’ll Take Failure, Ta

By January 4, 2012 Blog

January seems to have triggered an existential CRISIS. A whole hoopla-diddley of ‘what’sitallabout-itis’. Except that January’s a month, not an evil assassin. And I  can’t really play the blame game with a calendar.  Which leaves two stooges – me or God. So who’s the bad guy? I’m loathe to publicly blame God for anything (although privately and unconsciously, this is something I do all too often).Plus, I have a sneaking suspicion that Jesus is still seated on the throne and upholding …Read More