Fixing It With Food

By July 31, 2013 Blog

What does biblical eating look like? Is it ‘the Daniel diet?’ (Vegetarianism with God’s blessing). Perhaps it’s the Eden diet or the Maker’s diet. (I’d love to say I’ve made these up, but no.  Christians are suckers too). This gets me thinking. Water into wine.  Surely Ribena would be a healthier choice?  Sugar-free, of course. Or John the Baptist.  Locust and honey does not a balanced diet make. Perhaps angels brought him supplements.  We could go on. Jeremiah.  Naturally grumpy…or …Read More

Food and Feelings

By June 2, 2013 Blog

whether you’re bigger or smaller, you’re not better.    Thin doesn’t make you purer or neater or more popular. Fat doesn’t make you funnier or jollier or better at parties. No-one cares how many squat thrusts you can do in a minute. A new size is not a new self – if you hate your mother at size 16, you’ll still hate her at size 6. there are more important issues to think about.  Like why you’re using food and making …Read More

Redeeming The F Word

By November 13, 2012 Blog

Food. It means so much more than what’s simply on our plate. And not because Gillian McKeith says so. From the Garden of Eden to the Final Wedding Feast, the Bible mentions food more often than Jamie, Nigella and Gordon combined. So why is it so important? God has created us with needs which He wants to supply. Food is a symbol of our dependence upon God – and this is actually a really good thing.  Food is meant to …Read More


By February 1, 2012 Blog

I’ve been thinking a little bit about the significance of food. It is after all, is a sacrament of every society.  It is its own language – a metaphor for everything from authority to love. It’s an act of defiance, a past-time, a comfort, a marker of status and identity. All the major passages of our lives – from weddings to wakes, are punctuated by feasting and fasting. For our ancestors, life was shaped and determined by the search for …Read More

Sacred Food

By December 12, 2011 Blog

Much as it pains me to admit it, perhaps Gillian McKeith’s got one thing right: we are what we eat – or even, what we don’t eat. I was reminded of this by a brilliant article in the Sunday Observer, ‘Let’s End Our Obsession With Making Food Sexy‘, by Steven Poole.  The piece was inspired in part by the furore surrounding Nigella Lawson’s cover shoot on ‘Stylist’ (pictured), where she’s covered in toffee sauce. Poole writes; ‘The fact that food-talk …Read More

Lost in Lakeland

By May 16, 2011 Blog

In a famous 80s comedy  routine, Ben Elton   mocked telephone sex lines by comparing them to telephone food lines. ‘No-one’ he declared, ‘would phone a restaurant merely to ask the chef if they’d describe the menu.’  It was met with uproarious laughter.  Not any more. ‘Food porn’ is everywhere. Switch on the TV  and one programme that’s always playing is  ‘Come Dine With Me’. A show where we tune in to vicariously enjoy someone else’s feast and social life, …Read More

Inside Out

By May 5, 2011 Blog

A salutory reminder from yesterday’s Mail on the danger of treating just the physical aspects of an eating disorder. Four years ago, Malissa Jones 21, used to weigh 34 stone. After a gastric bypass operation, she has lost 26 stone and is now battling with anorexia. Doctors have warned her than unless she increases her food intake, she could die within six months. Where Malissa used to gorge on sweets and chocolate, now she says that she would ‘rather die …Read More

More Reasons for Recovery

By March 6, 2011 Blog

The biggest reason for giving up on an eating disorder is because you’re loved, accepted and bought by the Lord of the universe. Whatever those voices tell you, the truth is this: it’s not too late you’re not too sick other people (and God Himself) care it’s worth it you’re not a burden or a waste of space and there ain’t no part of your past that God can’t use. There’s nothing more important – or more hopeful. Check out …Read More


By February 11, 2011 Blog, identity

Why is food so often the focus of our feelings – especially for women?  Why can’t a plate of pasta or a slice of cake be enjoyed as a simple physiological experience? Instead it often seems like the answer to our problems – whether as poison or panacea. But is this a modern preoccupation? And as Christians, what are we to make of it? Writing on ‘The Psychology of Food’, ( Harper’s Bazaar Jan/Feb 2011), Stephen Garratt gives this explanation …Read More

Happy Meal?

By February 7, 2011 Blog

In recent posts we’ve been thinking a little about the confusion of appetite (for physical food), with hunger (for emotional wants or needs).  So, let’s say I’ve had a really rotten day.  I’m in a foul mood.  Glen or a friend tries to engage me in conversation, to find out what’s wrong.  But I don’t want to talk. I’m emotionally constipated – there’s a whole barrage of competing feelings coursing through my veins, but they’re in a big, amorphous and …Read More