I Carried A Watermelon

By July 17, 2012 Blog

How do you make friends? That’s a genuine question. Social situations (at least for me), are like watching cricket: I’ve learned to clap in the right places, but sometime I still haven’t a clue what’s going on. I’m getting better, but I struggle. Where do people learn to do this stuff?  Smiling and breathing and talking, all at the same time. Putting jokes in appropriate places.  Making the right noises.  The fine head angle between ‘I’m interested’ and ‘I’m a stalker’. …Read More

Front Row Friendship

By April 27, 2012 Blog

Making friends is Really Hard. Not acquaintances.  Or mates.  Not people you know or wave at across the street.  Proper friends – the ones who know more about you than where you work or how many kids you’ve got. The ones who can spot when you’re about to crumble, who’ll sweep you up and stick you back together. You see, it’s relatively easy to befriend people on Facebook. To link them in or add them to your contacts list.   …Read More