Apples Aren’t The Only Fruit

By July 18, 2013 Blog

Just wondering: 1. Have wild horses stopped anyone, ever, from doing something? 2. Why do sleeping dogs get to lie? What about cats who’ve worked the night shift? Or hamsters, knackered after endless circuits on those bloomin’ wheels? Similarly, spring chickens.  What if you’re an autumn turkey?  You might as well be dead. 3. Have you ever been touched by a barge-pole – let alone touched anything with it? 4. If he really is the last bloke on earth, you’re …Read More

Winter Goodies

By October 25, 2011 Blog

1. when you step in a cowpat/dog poo, it’s frozen so you get off scot (or rather, skid) free 2. being less sweaty – both you and other people (especially on public transport) 3. wellie boots 4. the sensation of a sneeze 5. kissing the razor goodbye (listen folks, that extra hairy dermis is about survival. Not laziness) 6. Layers. Being licensed to look like michelin woman.  Not being able to put your arms by your sides .  Knowing that if a …Read More

40 Fun Freebies

By October 15, 2011 Blog

Great things to do for free… 1. go to the library and read their newspapers 2. Check out sites like which offer free film screenings (in your area) if you register 3. fly a kite 4. jigsaws, cards, board games 5. make a scrapbook for a friend 6. put together a collage of old photos 7. look at your community website/notice-board for events 8. download some podcasts (I’m a sucker for Radio 4 – Rock n’Roll, eh?) 9. have …Read More