To whom else would we go? Guest post

By September 4, 2018 Blog

Another stunning guest post, from Lizzie, who is training to be a curate. Thank you, my friend.   “How many kids do you have?” Until recently, I’d have thought this was a pretty easy question.  Mr 7 and Little Miss 1 have, after all, spent the day bouncing around like lunatics – you’d almost think it was nearly time for the 7 year old to go back to school – very much here, very much present. The truth is, for …Read More

Helping those who grieve

By April 18, 2017 Blog

let them choose how they want to express it. If they want to talk and talk and talk; fine. If they don’t want to; or need to try and move on, then that’s fine too. They have no control over losing their loved one; so let them handle this the way they need. don’t pretend it hasn’t happened. You don’t have to have perfect words; or even good ones. But acknowledge their loss and their pain. Speak to them if …Read More

Beyond Black

By March 30, 2015 Blog

I can’t stop thinking about the plane that went down. About the pilot.  Depressed? Stressed? Crazy? Evil? Someone to be pitied? A victim – or a psychopath?  A suicide – or a massacre? About his parents.  Mourning with the other families. Travelling with them to the site.   Shared sympathy.  A fault in the aircraft? A freak accident?  “He did his best to save them. We’re all in the same situation.” But then, the discovery. Two people are separated from the group …Read More

Loving Someone Who Has Miscarried

By January 7, 2014 Blog

There are some sadnesses that colour everyday life, even though we don’t talk about them. Miscarriages are one example. My experience is limited but here’s some thoughts on how to support those who are grieving: don’t pretend it hasn’t happened or avoid talking about it. Act like you would with any bereavement and acknowledge the loss.  Give the couple opportunities to talk about the baby if they want to – but follow their lead.  So if they talk about their shock, …Read More


By November 7, 2013 Blog

The world makes no sense. Today I’ve been praying for  a couple whose twin babies were stillborn.  They are consumed by grief. a woman who’s been bleeding – and may or may not be miscarrying (but didn’t know she was pregnant) a woman who didn’t think she could get pregnant, but is.  The father – a drug addict, is not around.  She’s terrified and considering an abortion. Unbearable pain – in every situation.    Words fail me.  The ones I’ve …Read More

Losing A Child

By March 6, 2013 Blog

I’ve spent the afternoon with an incredible woman.  A woman who, fighting back tears, can still speak of hope and a faith that has been tested and tested and tested again. Here’s part of her story from the website Under The Rainbow:  a Christian resource for those who have lost a baby, are struggling with infertility or who are in the process of fostering or adoption. She writes: ‘We were fortunate to have two healthy children and we wanted to …Read More