Step Away From The Porridge

By August 21, 2013 Blog

A friend of ours was telling us about his latest holiday.  He and his wife signed up for something called Christian house where – wait for it – Christians swap houses. You pay a small fee, run the hoover round and go mess up their home instead of yours. ‘It’s a great idea’, he said, ‘long as you’re relaxed about having strangers in the house and flexible about theirs.  After all, what’s not to like?’ Indeed, I nodded, trying …Read More

Maybe I Don’t WANT Rescued.

By August 14, 2013 Blog

There’s a spider in the bath. I spotted him this morning: and he spotted me. ‘Mate’, says I. ‘This is the Tub of Doom. No sense pretending to be a hair. Bigger spiders than you have tried and failed to escape’. He looks at me with disdain. Doesn’t even blink, (in part, because he has no eyelids, but only part). ‘Fine’ says I, ‘your funeral’. Two hours later.  He’s still there, huffing and puffing round the plughole. Little bit sweatier I …Read More

Everybody Be Cool

By August 6, 2013 Blog

Later this year I’m running a seminar for young people on ‘Managing Stress.’ Take out ‘Managing’ and I’m perfectly qualified. Here’s what I got:   When stressed, I make myself a head cave and fill it with hugs. It looks a bit like this: except I’m not a man and I’m not wearing some sort of stretchy top that doesn’t have holes for arms, (look closely -he seems to be wearing a jumper but there’s actually no sleeves).   Another strategy …Read More