How to ru(i)n your life

By May 30, 2018 Blog

Go with your heart.  And follow your feelings. Keep it in.  If you open up, they will reject you. Deal with it yourself. So, take control. For every look at Jesus, take 12 looks at yourself. Don’t hope and don’t try.  You’ll fail and you’ll be disappointed. Live by the word ‘should.’ Everything is black or white.  Good or bad. Success or failure. Put yourself first. Earn it. Do everything perfectly.  You are worthless if you don’t. Stay away from …Read More

I Can’t Hear You

By February 26, 2013 Blog

Lies of Addiction: 1. Life should be easy and problem-free. Jesus says ‘in this life you will have many troubles’. But instead of trusting Him in them, I turn against Him and feel outraged when this is the case. 2.When challenges occur I need substance/ behaviour X to face it.  Nope.  As a human I’m created to be dependent on Jesus alone. In reality, He’s the one I often run from.  I look to addictions or ‘habits’ to make me …Read More


By February 19, 2013 Blog

If I knew you were coming, I’d have baked a cake I love surprises This old thing? I threw it on What a beautiful baby No, no I love dogs I don’t mean to be rude, but.. New? Honey I’ve had this dress for AGES It’s been far too long You haven’t changed a bit I cooked it myself You can hardly notice it I’M NOT SHOUTING I don’t want a Valentine’s card. It’s meant to look like that Of …Read More