All the lonely people

By February 19, 2018 Blog

Loneliness It’s the first thing that God says is ‘Not good….’ and this is before the Fall. Picture it. Adam is in paradise and God has made him king of the world. He has meaningful work to do, the entire animal kingdom to oversee, a world to explore and the Lord to walk with. From the world’s eyes, Adam has it all – yet God looks and says “Not good.” Why? Because the Three-in-One God made us to depend on others. Even …Read More

Left Behind

By February 21, 2014 Blog

Last night my mum came to stay.  It was lovely.  But now, I’ve got the Lefties. Not left-handed or left-wing or left-hooked.  Left behind. A big hole in the universe where she ought to be. And empty – like I’ve been evacuated too. Going to uni, I was determined to leave home and counted down the days – but when I did, it felt like my chest had been scooped out. Mum and dad, peeling me from the car seat, like …Read More

Is Anyone Else Lonely?

By August 23, 2012 Blog

The original title of this blog post was ‘On Loneliness’. ‘On Loneliness’  you see, is beautifully detached.  It’s an academic meditation on a problem I’ve heard about, a problem for people ‘out there’. But the hard thing about loneliness is that it’s not ‘out there’.  It’s personal. There are lots of things I feel ashamed about. Anorexia’s a big ‘un. But you know, it’s easier to talk about eating disorders, than to say ‘I’m lonely’. Both make me feel ashamed.  But …Read More

I Vant To Be Alone..

By July 11, 2011 Blog

Been reading an interesting article by Emily White on the topic of loneliness.  White has just written a book entitled ‘Lonely: Learning to Live With Solitude’.  In it, she argues that talking about and admitting to loneliness, is one of our great remaining taboos. Instead we avoid the topic, lie about being busy or try to fill our time with tasks and noise to disguise what’s underneath. She writes; I saw myself as alone in my aloneness.  I figured that, …Read More