If Life Was An 80s Pop Video

By April 1, 2013 Blog

Woke up this morning feeling sad and blue. It’s raining in my heart because my baby left me.  Can’t blame him  – he’s been working nine to five and he drove all night to get to me.   I look longingly at the empty pillow and wipe away a single tear, before pausing by the wind machine. With only an L-shaped sheet to protect my modesty I look wistfully at my enormous cleavage.  Perhaps I’m thinking about breakfast: we’ve got …Read More

Snow White and Her Rusty Womb

By March 25, 2013 Blog

Well, it may be snowing in the UK, but we’ve got one thing over Singapore. Their advertising. 1 out of 3 women over 35 will have problems conceiving, 2 out of 3 women over the age of 40 will not be able to conceive at all.  These facts are worth knowing if you want a family but leave it late – and education is obviously important.There’s nothing wrong with encouraging people to have babies early. But if you or your …Read More

Food 4Thought

By March 18, 2013 Blog

Here’s the wee slot I did for 4thought: it’s airing on Sat night – prayers much appreciated. :-) Go here to view Share…FacebookTwitterTumblrPinterestStumbleUponDiggemail

This Was Not The Plan

By March 15, 2013 Blog

Sometimes your words come back and bite you on the bum. ‘I will never date, let alone marry a vicar’ ‘I will never leave Northern Ireland’ ‘I will never work with children’ (four years as a Youth and Children’s worker) ‘I will not turn into my mother’ (Everything bar marrying my dad. And Glen’s not completely dissimilar…) God’s plans are not my plans.  Which, given my experience with ‘taking charge’, is just as well.  (In a cunning move I’ve taken …Read More


By February 25, 2013 Blog

How come the more time we spend thinking about our bodies, the more disconnected from them we become? The Oscars are a case in point.  Forget the films: it’s all about the dresses. Waistline over plotline. Botox over box-office. Big bad Hollywood, pimping out its daughters. I’m so disgusted I almost stop scrolling.  But I don’t. I’m blinking back sequins. My eyes are starving and I can’t rip them away. Not that it matters.  These people aren’t real and there’s …Read More


By February 21, 2013 Blog

Julia Kozerski is an artist and photographer who uses her body as the canvas. She was extremely overweight and lost half of it in a year by eating sensibly.  Now a healthy weight, she has published a series of naked self-portraits in a book called ‘Half’. However, rather than trumpeting the duckling to swan narrative we have grown to expect,  coming to terms with her slimmer body has been the hardest part of the process.  Where our culture suggests that …Read More


By November 6, 2012 Blog

Thanks very much for your prayers for yesterday: (recording a 2min piece for 4Thought). I did it: I was Terrible, but I did it. In an attempt to cheer myself up, I’ve been listening to sermons today on how God uses our weakness. I still think I talked a lot of nonsense, but my brain’s just as fallen as my heart and its judgement can’t be trusted. Things that were good: lovely lady who was prompting me (and cameramen, who …Read More

What Would You Say?

By November 4, 2012 Blog

A few weeks ago, I asked your advice on doing a short TV slot for 4thought.  Thanks for your wisdom –  I’m doing it and the filming is tomorrow. I wish I could be a Christian who hasn’t struggled and who is a better example of faith and recovery.  I’m worried about what strangers and friends will think – and ‘recovering Christian anorexic’ isn’t what I want people to see. But I really believe that Jesus is for us in our mess – He loves us as we are …Read More

Can You Help?

By October 18, 2012 Blog

Dear lovely blog readers Have you got a minute for me to pick your brains?  I’ve been asked to do something and am not sure about whether to accept or refuse. Last night I was leaning towards ‘yes’, today I’m thinking ‘probably not’. So here’s the query. There’s a two minute TV slot after the channel four news, called 4Thought.  Each week they ask a different question, and people comment on what their beliefs mean in this area. The interviewees are chosen to represent a …Read More

Guest Post: Seeing and Being Seen

By September 19, 2012 Blog

Guest post by Glen.. The word “shocking” is being used about Kate’s topless photos.  Yet there’s nothing shocking about her topless sunbathing.  Nothing “shocking” about a photographer with a telephoto lens (this invasion of privacy is standard for the Paparazzi).  Nothing shocking about there being a market for such photos. But here’s one thing that’s shocked me: I have had no desire to see them.  That’s really surprised me. Well of course, you might say, you’re married, you’re a Christian, you’re …Read More