Meltdown Aversion

By July 14, 2011 Blog

So you’ve had one of those catsickonthekitchenfloor/toddler meltdown/bumped into the ex wearing curry-stained trackies/missed deadline/I’m a piece of crap days.  You’re trying not to cry. Whatever your fix, what’s going to stop you self-harming and turning to destructive patterns of behaviour? Number One.  A prayer flare.  Like literally, ‘help Lord’. Number Two, A phone call to a friend. Talk about how you’re feeling. Number Three. A cup of tea. Preferably with sugar. Number Four: some self-talk. Here’s some starters; Am …Read More

The Devil’s In The Disney

By December 21, 2010 Blog

Q: What am I feeding my mind? Does it matter? On the one hand, yes. Theoretically, of course it matters. ‘Whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think upon such things..yadayadayada.’ Yep, got it. A mental smorgasbord of puppies, Little House on the Prairie and Power Ballads Volume Three*. *All product placement requests happily endorsed for a small fee or extra starbucks points In practice however, I reckon I’m immune to the mice and moths …Read More