By January 1, 2017 Blog

I’m a creature of habit.  I find solace in routine; and I’m frightened by change. But like it or not, change is here to stay.  And in the Lord’s providence, change is good – especially when it’s scary. Adam and Eve wanted to go back to the trees but no… they’re driven out east of Eden. The wilderness wanderers wanted to go back to Egypt but no… on through the desert to Canaan. The Israelites wanted to cling onto their old ways but no… exiled to …Read More

I’ll Take Failure, Ta

By January 4, 2012 Blog

January seems to have triggered an existential CRISIS. A whole hoopla-diddley of ‘what’sitallabout-itis’. Except that January’s a month, not an evil assassin. And I  can’t really play the blame game with a calendar.  Which leaves two stooges – me or God. So who’s the bad guy? I’m loathe to publicly blame God for anything (although privately and unconsciously, this is something I do all too often).Plus, I have a sneaking suspicion that Jesus is still seated on the throne and upholding …Read More

Third Way

By January 3, 2012 Blog

If God hadn’t declared His creation ‘good’, I’d be having serious doubts about 3 January.  It don’t feel good.  Not one little bit. It feels rainy and messy.  I’ve tried rugging up with positive thinking and, surprise, surprise, it’s still bypassed the scarf of resolution.   3 Jan, my friends, is an unstoppable trickle, running down the back of my neck and giving me spine-chill. Some people relish the challenge of the new.  I admire them…from the sanctuary of my …Read More


By January 1, 2012 Blog

I’m currently curled up on the sofa in my pjs.  This, my friends, is how to start the new year – tippy-toed and cautious…   allowing 2012 to  lap gently round the ankles before  making any sudden movements or Future Commitments. Like birthdays or other milestones, New Year can be both under and overwhelming. Open the papers and life is telescoped into a series of soundbites.  The year’s gone by and it feels momentous – and like nothing at all. …Read More