Apples Aren’t The Only Fruit

By July 18, 2013 Blog

Just wondering: 1. Have wild horses stopped anyone, ever, from doing something? 2. Why do sleeping dogs get to lie? What about cats who’ve worked the night shift? Or hamsters, knackered after endless circuits on those bloomin’ wheels? Similarly, spring chickens.  What if you’re an autumn turkey?  You might as well be dead. 3. Have you ever been touched by a barge-pole – let alone touched anything with it? 4. If he really is the last bloke on earth, you’re …Read More

Mr Mystery

By April 25, 2013 Blog

The Vader debate continues to set the free world alight.  Ladies, don’t deny it.  You totally Would*. But it does raise the question of why bad guys (and gals) are so attractive. Not properly bad of course.  Bad as in wears too much black, bit snippy, doesn’t tell you how much he misses his mum’s cooking or chuckle delightedly when he farts. One theory is the element of mystery. But I don’t buy it. Mysterious is not nasty – mysterious …Read More

Guilty Loves

By April 24, 2013 Blog

Me: I’m going to do a post about fancying Darth Vader. Glen: Do you fancy Darth Vader? Me: Of course. Glen: With or without helmet? Me:  Either. Both. I’m not head over heels. But he’s better than Luke. Glen: Skywalker? Me: The light side is just not attractive. Glen: Why did we get married? Me: It’s a total joke. Not us – the light side. Think of it from the woman’s perspective. Camping with ewoks. Dinner conversations about womp rats. …Read More