The Remedy

By May 22, 2012 Blog

This week the 24 year-old singer-songwriter Karima Francis releases her latest single, ‘Wherever I Go’.  Taken from her second album, entitled ‘The Remedy’, it has already received  critical acclaim – but it very nearly didn’t happen.  In fact, Karima herself is lucky to be here. In 2009, Karima released her first album, with a single on national radio.  Years of hard work were finally paying off and  she seemed like a poster girl for beauty and success.  But beneath the …Read More

Retouching…or Recovery?

By May 14, 2012 Blog

Can an addict ever be fully recovered? Are there some slaveries that will never fully recede, no matter how hard you fight them? Can your heart and thinking change as well as your behaviour? Or are you destined to remain  a non-practising version of the same old model? … Most of the literature I’ve read on addiction says this:  they never really go away – you just get better at managing them. For some people this is the rational voice of …Read More

The Fight

By May 10, 2012 Blog

Despair should be a scary emotion. An intruder: rattling like a cold wind through the mental living room, upsetting the furniture and knocking over the lamps.  But instead of showing it the door, I sometimes invite it in. I create space for it at the table and even seek it out. It’s a shadow – but it’s familiar and reassuring too. What’s really scary is not despair.  It’s actually Hope. With despair, you think you know what you’re getting.   …Read More

The Shape of Recovery

By May 2, 2012 Blog

Recovery, at least in my experience, is not like in the movies. No running, arms outstretched, into the sunset. More of an embarrassed  and painful shuffling –  forwards (and sometimes backwards, too).     An event – but also a process. First, the event: a moment, when everything changed and Christ broke into my world. A miracle, at least to me. When I was at my lowest weight,  it was like being behind a thick perspex screen: I could see people mouthing …Read More

True Story

By April 30, 2012 Blog

Once upon a time, there lived a couple called Glen and Emma. Glen and Emma lived in a big town but Glen had to find a job.  Glen was very worried about Emma because Emma was very sick. She didn’t want to move to the seaside town because she was frightened of meeting new people and going to a new place. But God brought them to a church full of lovely, warm-hearted Christians who looked after them and loved them …Read More


By February 6, 2012 Blog, identity

Changed lifestyle                                                      vs                                                 Changed life working harder                                               …Read More

Festive Fire-Fighting

By December 8, 2011 Blog

It’s a tough time of year for those struggling with addictions or eating disorders.  Here’s a few tips; As much as possible, surround yourself with people who will encourage your recovery: people who will listen to you, challenge you and keep you accountable.  People who will ask you how you’re feeling and not settle for ‘fine’, when you’re not. Stick up Bible verses and reminders of God’s love and strength and presence.  Not ones about working harder – grace-filled truths …Read More

Gospel Hope

By August 20, 2011 Blog

A few days ago I was clearing out some cupboards and came across two old photo films.  I’d no idea what was on them, but popped them off to Boots regardless. Glen picked them up on his lunch break and we opened them together at the kitchen table, bathed in the afternoon sun. The first film was taken on our honeymoon.  They show two open-faced, laughing young lovers – tanned, carefree and brimming with hope and expectation. The second film …Read More

Life to the Full

By January 23, 2011 Blog

So… we’ve been thinking a bit about binge eating. You might not term it an eating disorder as such, much less admit it to others – but there’s a problem. There’s something in there – in you – that won’t be silenced. And you don’t have a name for it. But it’s big and dark and most of all, it’s Hungry. Starving. No amount of cookie dough will satisfy it completely. But it quietens the growls, at least for a …Read More

Good News For Messed Up People

By November 5, 2010 Blog

Good News for Messed-up People I’m hoping that this site will be a forum for discussion on all kinds of issues connected to identity and faith.  This will include eating disorders – but hopefully, the application will be for all believers seeking to make sense of the world.  Our behaviours may be different, but our hearts are the same  – and so is our Saviour. My Real Problem – Sin My biggest problem is not my eating disorder, my compulsions …Read More