Listening over lists

By March 13, 2018 Blog

The Bible’s open and my brain is shouting ‘do something else.’ It started as a whisper, but the longer I resist, the more urgent it becomes. ‘Emma’, it says. ‘Finish the washing-up.  Answer email. Take those bags to the charity shop. Fill out the forms.’ I ignore it, and it starts to huff. ‘Take a break’ it whines. ‘It’s been a busy week and you’ve got time to yourself!  Go shopping. Surf the net. Relax. Read a book, (but not …Read More

For the Weary

By June 24, 2015 Blog

There’s a certain kind of tiredness that no amount of sleep can touch. Where does it come from, this weariness   it’s the news – a steady stream of sadness that drips drips drips till you’re leaking soundbites and you can’t tell what matters and what’s just noise it’s polite chit-chat and stabs behind the cup-cakes it’s the magazine articles that tell you to be yourself and what that self should be it’s the queue at the post office and the …Read More

Doctor’s Orders

By December 11, 2014 Blog

Last night I woke myself up by hitting my elbow against the bed frame, (In my dreams I was painting a wall and it was a very tricky section). After the wall, I had presents to wrap and a book to write, (note the order of priority – not good). And this was while I was “resting.” Like many folks, I’ve got two switches: turbo-charged and out-of-order. This is not conducive to long life, marriage or good mental health. So I’ve written myself …Read More

Quiet Time

By September 4, 2013 Blog

Stop. Close the door. Take off your shoes.  Let out your breath: and rest now with me. I’m always with you.   I know every detail of your life. But I love to hear your voice.  I love to sit with you. I look at you and I am filled with joy. Lean back.  There’s no-where else you should be.   And there’s nothing else you need to do. Tell me about your day.  Where you went, who you saw. …Read More

Everybody Be Cool

By August 6, 2013 Blog

Later this year I’m running a seminar for young people on ‘Managing Stress.’ Take out ‘Managing’ and I’m perfectly qualified. Here’s what I got:   When stressed, I make myself a head cave and fill it with hugs. It looks a bit like this: except I’m not a man and I’m not wearing some sort of stretchy top that doesn’t have holes for arms, (look closely -he seems to be wearing a jumper but there’s actually no sleeves).   Another strategy …Read More

View from the Deck

By June 18, 2013 Blog

I’m sitting on the floor of the kitchen, eyeballing the tiles.  Can’t even remember why I came down here.  Something to do with floor cleaner.  Don’t worry – it’s quite pleasant.  No floor cleaning is happening. But the view is  illuminating. For starters, the bottom of my cupboards are covered in brown stuff. There’s a sock under the fridge. And a spider across the way who looks a bit freaked out.  Hello my hairy friend.  I mean you no harm. …Read More

Time Out

By May 14, 2013 Blog

Ever feel like you’re being shouted at? That you’re not good enough – and never will be? Ever feel like you’re being measured by an invisible standard – and you will never, ever match up? …. Do more: Do less. Get thinner. Get smarter.  Get richer. Get moving. Go slow.Cut your carbs. Cut your emissions. Cut your hair.  Cut your bills. Love your body. Change your body. Change your decor.  Change your life.  Take charge.  Let go. Man up. Feel …Read More