Hot Rocks and Me-Time

By January 29, 2013 Blog

Ever feel like a pile of poo? Something  people need to step over or, gagging, scoop out of sight. That sense that you’re not okay and that unless you fix it, other people will realise too. So what do you do with it – the knowledge that you’re a shameful fraud – moments away from discovery? You can put on a mask for others.  But what about yourself?  How do you tell yourself you’re okay? Seems like there’s a number of options. 1. …Read More

Body Beautiful?

By November 27, 2012 Blog

The last time I felt connected to my body was when I was 12. Running through the garden, a glorious, uncomplicated synchronicity of thoughts and limbs. When I was 13, that changed. I became – self-conscious. My body, once an ally, became alien instead.  It sprouted and bled and wouldn’t do what it was told. It shouted when I wanted it to be silent and threatened to erupt when I longed to blend in.  Anorexia was partly a reaction to this: a slap to the sexuality I didn’t want …Read More

There’s More To You Than That

By August 27, 2012 Blog

How do we resist becoming – or remaining – in the identities that others give us? The old school-friends who still see you as the ‘joker’? Impossible to have a serious conversation with them.  Slightly disappointed if you’re not cracking gags. ‘Are you okay?  You seem a bit – flat? Cheer up!’ The family members for whom you’ll always be a trouble-maker? You’ve got a proper job now, a family.  But they still treat you like you’re dirty, embarrassing.  Can’t …Read More