True Story

By April 30, 2012 Blog

Once upon a time, there lived a couple called Glen and Emma. Glen and Emma lived in a big town but Glen had to find a job.  Glen was very worried about Emma because Emma was very sick. She didn’t want to move to the seaside town because she was frightened of meeting new people and going to a new place. But God brought them to a church full of lovely, warm-hearted Christians who looked after them and loved them …Read More

Boring Bible?

By January 26, 2012 Blog

1. ‘Go up you bald head’ (closely followed by sound of munching bear.  Who’s laughing now, sonny?) 2.Samson killing 1000 men with a donkey’s jawbone. As you do. 3. Jezebel painting her face before the dogs eat her. 4.Elijah picking up his skirt and then casually outrunning a chariot. 5. Mary and Joseph losing Jesus for a DAY before realising he’d gone. 6. The disciples: sort of like Bert and Ernie but slower on the uptake. 7. Noah’s ark.  Forget …Read More

When Too Much Isn’t Enough

By December 15, 2010 Blog, identity

I was reading yesterday about learning the secret of contentment in Christ. As Paul writes, this peace is independent of circumstances or possessions, ‘whether I have less than I need, or whether I have more’. Culturally, I think everyone can identify with the fear of having too little – what’s maybe more interesting is the threat posed by having too much.   Share…FacebookTwitterTumblrPinterestGoogle+StumbleUponDiggemail

Stuff the Turkey

By December 15, 2010 Blog

Christmas is a time of celebration and joy, right? It’s the roaring log fire, the camaraderie, you and your family laughing together over charades, wrapped up warm in your fleecy pjs and squabbling good-naturedly over the last Quality Street. (Inevitably, in our house anyway, the last choc is always one of those revolting fruit flavoured ones – who likes them? If I want a piece of fruit I’ll have an apple. Otherwise it’s the green triangle or the squashy one …Read More

The God Who Gives

By November 29, 2010 Blog

I don’t know about you, but when I read about the Lord in Scripture, so often I’m struck by the contrast between the lies I tell myself about Him and the truth about who He is. On the one hand, I construct a very little god, who is ineffectual and irrelevant. Someone who does exactly what I want. Or else I look to a big, impersonal lump of heavenly stuff who demands slavish obedience and works and doesn’t know that I …Read More

Good News For Messed Up People

By November 5, 2010 Blog

Good News for Messed-up People I’m hoping that this site will be a forum for discussion on all kinds of issues connected to identity and faith.  This will include eating disorders – but hopefully, the application will be for all believers seeking to make sense of the world.  Our behaviours may be different, but our hearts are the same  – and so is our Saviour. My Real Problem – Sin My biggest problem is not my eating disorder, my compulsions …Read More

What’s in a name?

By October 23, 2010 Blog

I’ve finally caved in. I am now ‘a blogger.’ I’ve been holding out against this for a long time. My husband’s been nagging me to blog ever since he started 3 years ago. I’ve always called myself a Blog Widow. Not Black Widow. That’d be cool. Blog Widow. That’s up there with ‘Tupperware Party’. Well now it’s my turn to explore the InterWeb, with my own site: A New Name. So what’s that all about? The phrase comes from Revelation, …Read More