Celebrity Weight-Loss Shocker

By May 22, 2011 Blog

According to figures released this year by B-eat (the UK Eating Disorder charity), images produced by the media have a large role to play in eating disorders. Well, no kidding, Sherlock. But wait a sec. The images they’re talking about aren’t in the perfume ads. They’re not promoting fashion or celebrity or breakfast bars. They’re the pictures used to highlight the effects of eating disorders. The ones accompanying the articles that are supposedly designed to stop people going down the …Read More


By March 7, 2011 Blog

Thai Airways has demanded that cabin crew slim down or ship out. Staff have six months to hit their target waist measurements (32in for women, 35in for men) and BMI (25 for women, 27.5 for men). But wait – it’s not what you think.  As Teerapol Chotechanapibal, the carrier’s customer services VP explains, this not about body fascism at all. Here comes the science.. Teerapol has confounded his critics by explaining the measure thus.  It’s actually a foolproof way of ‘improving the …Read More

Posh Girls Don’t Get Fat

By March 5, 2011 Blog

Is weight a ‘class’ issue? Put bluntly, do those in a lower-income bracket tend to get fat, whilst middle and upper-class people tend to starve? I say tend, because of course this is a gross generalisation.  Eating disorders are increasingly a problem across the socio-economic spectrum and are certainly no longer confined to the white middle-class teenage girl, (if they ever were). But generalisations sometimes have a bit of truth. A 1989 review found that in developed countries women of …Read More

Buying A Lie

By March 3, 2011 Blog

This week, a major summit is taking place in London to discuss the extent to which women are not only divorced from, but actively harming their own bodies. One of the speakers is Susie Orbach, author of the now-famous book, ‘Fat Is A Feminist Issue’ .  In it, Orbach outlined her views on the reasons for compulsive eating, claiming that fat was not about food, but is instead a response to the way women are seen by others and how …Read More

Man Wars

By February 5, 2011 Blog

According to a survey carried out by Harper’s Bazaar (Jan/Feb 2011), 72 per cent of us are more likely to lose weight to avoid being judged by women, than to impress a man. We also eat fewer calories when with a man, but when we eat with women we can double our intake, spurred on by ‘I will if you will’ collective behaviour. Scientists say that what’s at work is an ‘adaptive evolutionary mechanism’.  Women are biologically programmed to measure …Read More

Sticks and Stones

By January 26, 2011 Blog

Earlier this month you may have heard about so-called ‘managed anorexia’, as espoused by former Big Brother contestant Kenneth Tong. Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. ‘Managed’ anorexia is thus a deadly contradiction – like dipping your toe into a whirlpool or being slightly pregnant. However, according to Tong, if you’re bigger than size zero, then you’re fat. Instead he has used his twitter feed to suggest that followers ‘get thin or die trying’. Wonderfully, however …Read More

The Biggest Loser

By December 15, 2010 Blog

Why it is so difficult to overcome addictions? Our world is full of recovery programmes and centres, new advances in medicine mean that we understand more about our biology than ever before and we have more resources at our disposal with which to fight them. But victory seems far from even the expert’s grasp. The dynamics of our sinful hearts mean that, as individuals, we are easily enslaved – but there’s more to it than that. Scripture speaks of the …Read More