Grace sufficient

By May 7, 2018 Blog

“I hate myself.” “I have no hope.  I have no future.” “I’m so ashamed.” “I don’t belong in church.” “Why did He make me like this?”   “I have/have had problems with my mental health.” “I feel my weakness.” “I don’t quite fit.” “I believe the gospel but I don’t feel it.” “I’m afraid.” If you feel these things, then know that Jesus is for you.  You are not beyond the pale, or outside of the camp.  In your weakness …Read More

Surviving Coffee Time

By February 21, 2016 Blog

I love church.  And I love coffee. But post-church coffee? Terrifying. It’s not the people.  Individually, they are LOVELY.  But there’s something about a group. In a small area.  Trying to talk to one another at once. Something that makes me want to stuff my fingers in my ears and lie down in a darkened room.  On an island. In space. You’re trying to connect deeply/make small talk but Billy is practising on the drums and you can’t remember that lady’s name even though you’ve …Read More

God in the Laundry

By January 28, 2016 Blog

God uses us where we are. I believe this for others.  The ways they look after their partners and their families.  The impact they make in their work and community. Gosh, I think, God is really using you. Then I look at myself.  And I’m not so sure. Today, I did not start my own business. I didn’t redecorate the front room.  I didn’t save a life or give blood.  I didn’t close a deal. I didn’t bring aid to refugees. …Read More

Redemption Song

By October 26, 2015 Blog

Here’s an interview I did for Songs of Praise, (my bit’s about ten mins in). Thank you much for all your prayers and support.  They are HUGELY appreciated. CLICK HERE       Image source   Share…FacebookTwitterTumblrPinterestStumbleUponDiggemail

Go Your Own Way (As Long as it’s Ours)

By October 12, 2015 Blog

It’s nonsense to say that Christianity is religious and the world is not. The world is filled with religion.  And this religion is far more judgemental, far more legalistic, far more moral and far more exclusive than the gospel. This religion tells you that: your body is salvation your happiness is paramount your choices are truth your hope is yourself. In this religion, independence is salvation. ‘Think different’ – but only to a point. Christians, after all, are shockingly intolerant. But step outside the …Read More

Cull Your Friends?

By November 26, 2014 Blog

Here’s the theory.  Christmas is approaching. Cards are expensive – and friends can be too. But the good news is, you don’t have to put up with it. You don’t have to put up with Them.   The ones who have been sick for a boringly long time. The ones who ask for more than they give. The ones whose situation has changed; lost their job and can’t afford to buy a round. Had kids and can’t get a babysitter. Marriage break-up …Read More

Parenting Porkies

By November 25, 2014 Blog

At this stage in pregnancy, I’m thinking less of perfect parenting than damage limitation. I keep telling Glen, he’s got to be normal enough for us both. Nonetheless, I’ve been doing a bit of market research on the parenting business – and I’m struck by how fraught with guilt it can easily become. Breast-feeding (Because “Mother Nature” knows best and anything else is short-changing your child) versus Bottle (Because Mummy needs flexibility and Daddy must pull his weight too) Disposable nappies versus …Read More

Hold On

By November 24, 2014 Blog

There are lots of things we might be tempted to give up on: looking for a job a (really boring but worthwhile) book reconciliation with someone who’s hurt us or whom we’ve hurt a work project – like setting up a business a personal project – getting fit or building a shed a family relationship a marriage ourselves It’s hard to hope when that hope is repeatedly dashed.  It’s hard to try when you’re scared of failure.  It’s hard to reach out for fear …Read More

Adoption: Not Second-Best

By October 31, 2014 Blog

In my last post, I wrote about infertility and IVF, but this is only one of many options. I was reminded of this in a brilliant comment by Ruth, who argues that adoption/fostering is at the heart of what it means to be a Christian; and worth considering before, (or alongside), other treatments. She’s very kindly allowed me to share some of her own experiences; and offers wise advice on how to relate to others in this situation.  Thank you Ruth. She writes: “It …Read More

Unexpected Answers

By October 17, 2014 Blog

God’s time-frame is not ours. And sometimes, He answers our prayers, a little later than we expect. When I was nine or ten, I entered a competition that our primary school was running with Belfast zoo. ZOO!  ZooZooZooZooZoo. I LOVE zoos: and Belfast was the BEST. To enter, you had to write a poem about the new baby kangaroos. The winners would then get to visit them with the class, and – get this – give them kangaroo names. I felt sick just thinking about it. So, I …Read More