New You, New Poo

By January 7, 2013 Blog

Dear Womanity Weekly, I am writing to complain about your recent articles. I have been a keen subscriber now for several days. On initial reading, some of your claims seemed a little extravagant, (see below) but the personal recommendations from Kim Kardashian and Matt Roberts helped to set my mind at rest.  It was therefore with no little excitement that I prepared to Change My Life and Butt.  However, two weeks later, I have yet to drop a dress size, …Read More

First Impressions

By December 19, 2012 Blog

Been talking to friends about First Impressions. Not what you say out loud (of course that’s lovely), but what you’re really thinking when you meet someone new. Funnily enough, the people to whom I’m closest are usually the ones  I initially find Most Intimidating.  But – it seems – they feel the same way too. Example. A married friend with a beautiful child. Our husbands met first, and then decided we should all get together. Glen: ‘They’re lovely! She’s funny and …Read More

Messed-Up Is the New Normal… Right?

By October 5, 2012 Blog

This week I’ve had the pleasure of handing over to guest blogger, Alex Tylee, who’s written a brilliant series of posts here and here. Today however, I’m afraid it’s back to porridge.  Sorry folks. But wait, – don’t go! I know my life is as exciting as a damp noodle. So I’ve upped my game. For two days only I give you: High Jinks! Drama! and.. CELEBRITIES! Well, celebrity. Come Monday I shall return to my jigsaw.  But this weekend looks a little different.  Here’s why: 1. …Read More

What’s A Woman?

By September 29, 2012 Blog

What makes A Woman? It’s a genuine question – and I don’t have an answer; nor for that matter, an agenda, (theological or otherwise). But my head hurts from trying to make sense of it. And I’d love to know what you think. I’ve tried to work it out myself.  Even done some reading. It goes without saying, that the women’s glossies are a pile of poop. The fashion ones tell you that it’s Dior or death.  The ‘healthy’ ones urge …Read More

Guest Post: Seeing and Being Seen

By September 19, 2012 Blog

Guest post by Glen.. The word “shocking” is being used about Kate’s topless photos.  Yet there’s nothing shocking about her topless sunbathing.  Nothing “shocking” about a photographer with a telephoto lens (this invasion of privacy is standard for the Paparazzi).  Nothing shocking about there being a market for such photos. But here’s one thing that’s shocked me: I have had no desire to see them.  That’s really surprised me. Well of course, you might say, you’re married, you’re a Christian, you’re …Read More

It Runs In The Family

By July 30, 2012 Blog

  Telephone conversation with my mum:   Me: ‘Hi mum, what you up to?’ Mum: ‘oh nothing really. I slept in till eight! ‘ Me: ‘Yeah?’ Mum:’I know – disgusting: all I do is rest! Your father was snoring again so I didn’t get down till about two.  I lay there as long as I could but it was boring so I thought, may as well make myself useful. The cat was moaning so I fed her. Then I thought, …Read More

I’ll Have What He’s Having

By May 20, 2012 Blog, identity

Hugo Schwyzer, on why having a slim girlfriend is about status rather than attraction:   ‘Eating disorders — and the broader problem of poor body image — aren’t unique to women, nor can they be attributed to one single cause. But it’s undeniable that whatever the truth about men’s desires, young women’s perception of “what guys want” plays a huge part in the pursuit of thinness. While the fashion industry deserves some blame for perpetuating an unattainable ideal, men’s refusal …Read More

Bad Fit

By May 9, 2012 Blog

One of my friends hates clothes shopping.  The way she gets round it is by buying three of every item –  identical in shape and make, but in different sizes. That way, whatever her body’s doing, she’s got something that fits – and since it’s all the same colour, everything matches. She has my sympathy.  Aside from navy t-shirts, (of which I have hundreds), nothing makes me feel more miserable than trying on outfits.  Jeans are the worst. But even …Read More

Forever Young

By May 6, 2012 Blog, identity

I wish we got training on how to do people. A little map that steers you through social minefields and tells you things like How To Start A Conversation, When To Let The Matter Drop, Avoiding Conversational Lulls and Not Making That Clicky Noise With Your Tongue. An app that plays soothing music during awkward silences.  That tells you when you’ve got spinach in your teeth or are standing too close. Some people seem to know these things automatically.  I’m …Read More

International Women’s Day

By March 8, 2012 Blog

It’s International Women’s Day. But is this just another excuse for the card-makers to reap in their profits: or something more? The first IWD was held on March 19, 1911 in Germany, Austria, Denmark and some other European countries. It was organised by German women as a protest against the Prussian king.  Faced with an armed uprising, he had promised reforms, including votes for women. But he didn’t follow through. Here’s how an eye-witness described the day: ‘Germany and Austria …Read More